Sunday, March 25, 2012

No computer once again

That's right people. No computer once again. I went to turn it on this morning and nothing. I tried the switch at the back several times in case it was not set  properly, nothing. I'm hoping it is just the power supply and not the mother board. In January when the hard drive froze up we had a choice to either replace the entire unit or just replace the hard drive. Everything else was working just fine, except the letters were wearing off the keyboard which did not bother me because I don't look at them when I type, but Joe does, so, we opted just to replace the hard drive and the keyboard. Three weeks later our monitor died and had to be replaced. Now this. So with no computer it means I cannot post any cards or other art work because it is all on the desk top. I can use the laptop to check Facebook, etc but that is about all. Hope you all keep checking my blog this week as I expect our computer guru neighbour will have it up and running within a few days.

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