Friday, June 22, 2018

A Hello There Card

It’s hard to know how to plan ahead this summer. Last weekend this weekend looked like perfect weather; now it is raining and will continue to rain off and on all weekend. There goes the BBQ get together with family. Oh well, I’m still on the disabled list (according to hubby) but I’m referring to it as the ‘restricted’ list so I guess a couple more quiet days will help heal the ham string.

        Today’s card is another one made from scraps of left over paper a die and then a sentiment added.

The background was made by cutting little strips of paper ½” wide and various lengths. Then they were glued to a white piece of paper leaving a small gap between the ends and each other…sort of like tile. This time I stuck to all shades of blue and yellow which is a common combination, especially in the quilting world. Once the strips were all glued down it was set aside to dry and then it was trimmed to 4” x 5 ¼” and glued to a yellow card base.

The flower was die cut and then glued on with a yellow gem added to the centre of the flower. The sentiment and the stitched oval are from Stampin’ Up. The sentiment was inked up with Rangers Big and Juicy stamp pad so it has two colours on it….it used to have four but the inks merged together – grrrrr.

        That’s all for a wet and cool Friday, June 22, 2018. Have a great weekend everyone.



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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Make a Background and Another Crazy Cat Card

        The heat wave ended Sunday night and we are back to very comfortable conditions - along with rain.      
       So far June has not been my favourite month like it usually is! The weather has either been cold and windy; hot and humid; or raining. To top that all off I found out yesterday that the tooth beside my front tooth has a crack and cannot be saved (root canal years ago weakened it) so it has to be removed! I won’t be smiling for awhile! Then today I went to the chiropractor because I thought I’d pulled a muscle or put something out in my hip – nope, can’t be that simple with me – I pulled a hamstring! No biking or any strenuous exercises until it heals. I told him we have reduced our biking to only 20 km a day but that did not change a thing….. so I’m on the disabled list – again! I told him I don’t smoke, don’t drink, vegetarian who exercises...…. and my body hates me for it! That got a good laugh …..but didn't get me off the disabled list.

        Today’s card is another one from Tim Holtz Crazy Bird set.

The background is one I made with left over strips of paper. I sat down a few times when I wasn’t feeling very creative and just made backgrounds. These ones were just various paper of various widths glued to piece of Kraft paper leaving a bit of a gap between them so the Kraft colour shows. Then I added a piece of Kraft cardstock along the bottom and mounted it on a Kraft card base.

        The bird was sponged with Distress Ink and then die cut with the co-ordinating dies. I love how they can cut out that small areas between the legs and not cut off the legs…..that’s why I wanted the dies. I stamped the bird twice so I die cut the beak; eyes and wing using the dies that come with the set. the glasses; balloon and string were die cut using accessory die cut pack.

        The sentiment was computer generated and then die cut using some old QuicKutz dies and I made some ink lines and dots around it while it was still in the die. 
         That’s all for another rainy Wednesday, June 20, 2018. 
I’ll be back on Friday with another card.  
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Monday, June 18, 2018

A Heat Wave and a Card

It has been brutally hot and humid here since early Saturday morning – even though we did have a short-lived thunderstorm then. It was about 34C (93F) but with the humidity it felt like 44C (111F) – yes, it was that hot! When we stepped outside from the air conditioned house, the humidity would take our breath away. They were calling for 80% chance of thunderstorms all day Saturday so we stayed home – being caught walking or biking in forested area is not good during a thunderstorm – and it didn’t even rain let alone storm! So annoying. Sunday we went for a lazy afternoon along the river where, in the shade, it was lovely with a light breeze coming off the river….a different story if you had to go out of the shade though!

Today we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary! The 30 years have flown by so fast its ridiculous. It was too hot to go out to celebrate but it will be cooler tomorrow so we are going out to a Chinese buffet. We don’t do presents – we don’t need more ‘things’ but we do like eating out now and again. We had another short lived thunderstorm just after the supper hour and lo and behold there was a beautiful rainbow just south of the city. I’m taking that as an anniversary gift from above! We love rainbows.

Okay, enough rambling – here is today’s card.

I’m still in the ‘use what you have’ mode – almost. I’ve had these Tim Holtz Crazy Bird stamps since they came out about 3 years ago but haven’t used them for awhile so I pulled them out and stamped some. Then, as I was in our local scrapbook store, The Paper Pickle, I happened to see the co-ordinated dies for them….and they were on sale! Ooops, how did they end up at my house! Besides cutting out the birds it includes some extras – wings, beaks and eyes mostly. The accessory dies were also on sale and they came along too. The hat and bowtie on the bird are from the accessory set – but I don’t have those stamps so I had to improvise. I cut the hat out of grey and then drew in the band and sponged one the shadows and hi-lights. I think it looks okay. Then I did the same for the bowtie. Yes, the matching stamps would be better but I didn’t see them there or they likely would have come home with me too….I tried not to buy anything new! I really did but…..insert big sigh here!

        The bird itself was just sponged with ink. For the card I took the blue piece and ran it through the Cuttlebug embossing folder – one of my favourite – putting in so the bit you see was embossed. Then it was taped to the light green piece. To hide the seam, a rope was die cut (Die-namics) from the same blue. The tags were die cut using an old QuicKutz die and the sentiments were stamped. They were attached with a blue brad.

These Crazy Birds are fun to play with. I have the Crazy Dogs and Cats too so I think I’ll make some cards from them next….and no I don’t have the co-ordinating dies for them. Actually, I’m not sure there are any – which in my case, is likely a good thing.

That’s all for a hot and humid Monday, June 18, 2018.



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Friday, June 15, 2018

A Fabulous Chick Card

The last couple days have been perfect summer days – warm temperatures but no humidity! A/C off; windows open; feeling good! Mmmmmhhhh. This could be coming to an abrupt change as they are now predicting a heat warning for the weekend with temperatures about 33C (91F) but humid so it could feel like 40C (104F)…okay, that’s a bit too hot even for me but it will cool off again after a couple of days. And of course, we could get a thunderstorm tomorrow too but so far they keep missing us. We could use an all day rain.

I thought I’d leave you with a humourous card that I made last week.

This is a Stampin’ Up stamp that I bought last year and the set is called ‘Hey Chick’. The chicken was coloured with pencils and blended with gamsol. The stitched oval is a Stampin’ Up die but the other two die cuts are Spellbinders. I found that patterned paper in the stash and it was close to the burnt orange oval and label so I paired it with the yellow to pick up the yellow in the chicken. The sentiment was computer generated. I just make up a lot of my own sentiments and print them out. This one may go to my cousin whose birthday is next month. I usually make two or three cards for one person and then pick the one I like the best – or get hubby to pick one.

That’s all for a perfect summer Friday, June 15, 2018. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Monday with another posting.



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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

One More Card Using the Same Die...but with a different look

Summer is back – the temperatures are high and I’m loving it! The downside is that the A/C is on which puts our hydro bill up but that’s okay….just happy we have A/C. This morning we went to the fruit stand and bought a flat of strawberries and they are all frozen ready for this winter. Peaches will be next along with lots of veggies! Love, love, love summer.

Today I’m posting the third card made with the same Memory Box die as the last two postings – but with a totally different look. By the way, the green in the last two cards (and this one) is more like a moss coloured green, not that bright green that the camera decided it was. I keep saying I’m going to build a light box but it doesn’t seem sensible to do when I’m just photographing cards. It would be different if I was selling things I make.

I die cut some of that burnt orange coloured cardstock to fill in the circles and one small portion but not the edges – I wanted the focal to be on the flower that covers the middle circle. I also die cut the piece on the bottom and top so they would fit together. Then I die cut the braid out of the same orange. – IO die. Before I glued the flower on I put the card in Tim H stamp positioner and stamped the sentiments. I think this one is my favourite. That was enough using this die….on to something else now.

That’s all for a hot and humid….and maybe a thunderstorm although I’m not counting on it as they keep missing us – Wednesday, June 13, 2018.



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Monday, June 11, 2018

Left over Masculine Card

Well our nice hot weather was short-lived! Saturday was cool, cloudy with rain off and on with a chance of a thunderstorm…which never happened….so we stayed home. Sunday started out rainy; then cloudy and threatening rain for the rest of the day but we headed out to Rondeau for a walk through the bush anyway. Today is a beautiful sunny day – of course, the weekend is over so why not have sun. I was at the church making comfort quilts that go to those in our community facing life-threatening illnesses or for kids diagnosed with cancer. I feel its important to give back to the community. All the material is donated so all we pay for is the thread we use. We do fund raisers to buy the batting as no one donates that.

Today’s card was made from the left over parts from the card I posted on Friday. I like this one even better. 

I combined the green and the brown to make another masculine card but used only one swirl (Memory Box die). I had this card base with the nice swirl background and decided not to cover it up with more paper and instead just glued the die cut swirl on top. Then I placed it in my Tim H. card positioner and stamped the sentiment. The only trick using this die is to keep track of those small pieces that have to fit in to the negative spots. It needed something else but I wasn’t sure what I wanted and then I spied this die cut ‘thing’ and decided it looked like a dandelion gone to seed and used it. I think this is also a Memory Box die but I borrowed it from a friend and die cut a couple extras so I’m not sure of the manufacturer.  

That’s all for a lovely sunny Monday, June 11, 2018.



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Friday, June 8, 2018

Using What I Have...

I had just sat down about 7:30 to post a card when my computer decided it was time to do an update….and it said it would take awhile and they weren’t kidding. It was still updating at 9:00….so that’s why this is such a late posting.

Our hot weather is returning….love it….although it may be bringing some rain but that’s okay we need a good rain.

I’ve been on a “use what you have and don’t buy anymore crafting supplies” lately so I’ve dug into my stamps and dies to make some cards. Here’s one I made the other night using a Memory Box die.

This green is not as bright as this in real life - its more of a moss green. I must find a better place to photograph my cards.

Usually when I use this die, I made two cards alternating the die cut with the negative space but this time I decided to do things differently. I die cut it twice! It was a little fiddly….I won’t lie and say it wasn’t but it wasn’t too too bad and I’ll likely make another one later on. I stamped the sentiment on the top and die cut the ‘celebrate’ using the Sizzix die but wasn’t sure what to put on the bottom circle. This is a masculine card so no flowers or bling so while I was flipping through my stamps I saw the ‘thumbs up’ stamp and thought it would work just fine. My oldest grandson will be turning 19 next month so this one may be for him. I’m not sure yet.

That’s all for a lovely hot Friday, June 8, 2018. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Monday with another posting.



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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Penny Black Masculine Card

            Still cooler than normal here; cooler than we really like it; but the good thing is, the A/C has been off for days so the hydro bill (electric bill for the U.S. readers)  will go down. We did the yard work this afternoon and I must admit it was rather nicer cutting the grass, etc. when it’s cooler.

        This is the second masculine card I made. I like the one I posted on Monday better, but this one is okay….just okay, but okay.

I used the same mask as the last card I posted and sponged on the same Distress Ink, but left it a little lighter. Then I put the stamp (Penny Black) in the Tim Holtz stamp positioner and stamped the image; the birds and sentiment. Then I sponged Distress Ink, Walnut Stain and then Black Soot, along the bottom.  Again, not my favourite but its okay.

        That’s all for a cool but sunny Wednesday, June 6, 2018.



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Monday, June 4, 2018

A Masculine Card

Wow, that was a short summer. Our hot and humid weather is gone and although it’s sunny, it’s certainly not summer weather. It’s only about 18C (64F) during the day, much cooler at night. Most people this is perfect weather but I love the heat!

Last night I decided to head on down to the lower studio (aka the basement) and make a few cards. I need some masculine cards on hand. This is the first one I made.


I took an old greeting card and cut it down to 4”x5 ¼” and then die cut the centre out leaving as much as an even border as I could. Then it was taped to a piece of white cardstock that was also the same size. Once it was secure Broken China Distress Ink was sponged on through the die cut area.  Once it was removed, it was sprinkled with water to from some nice white spots.  Then I placed it in my Tim Holtz stamp positioner and stamped the trees (Inkadinkado) using grey ink and the sentiment in black ink. The deer is a Memory Box die which I die cut twice out of white cardstock and then glued them together to make it thicker. Various brown inks were sponged on top. It was then glued to the blue card base. I think it turned out okay.

That’s all for a sunny, but not hot, Monday, June 4, 2018.



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Friday, June 1, 2018

Another Dragonfly Card

The humid air seems to be going away for awhile so its windows open! All week the weather channel predicted severe thunderstorms for this area; big clouds would form and move off; and we never did get a storm, or even rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day but another thunderstorm threatened for Sunday – we shall see. We will not have any hydro on Sunday – so no television, telephone or Internet! They are replacing a hydro pole right in front of our house so its lights out from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm…..but we wonder if they will do it if we do get hit with thunderstorms or will it be postponed until Monday?

Today’s card is another “lets try this and see if it works” kind of card.

I had this small piece of designer paper in the stash and it was just big enough for a standard card. I wondered what the Stampin’ Up dragonfly dies would look like over designer paper and decided it would work and glued them down. The black and white ribbon was glued down and wrapped around the back. I needed a black edging but I didn’t want to cut into a piece of black so I just ran a thick black pen down each side. It turned out just fine.

The label came from a Close to my Heart label stamp set that I picked up at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. It had a dragonfly on it so I stamped it, and the sentiment; cut it out and attached it with dimensional tape. I didn’t like the bare spot above the sentiment so I stamped a small flower there. Once again, I added clear Stickles to the wings of the dragonflies.

That’s all for a beautiful day, Friday June 1, 2018. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and as long as our hydro is back on, I’ll be back with another card.



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