Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Z-Fold Pop Up Card

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day and I will be away all day quilting the hockey quilt on a long-arm quilting machine – which I’ve never used before by the way…..except for about 10 minutes playing with it when my friend first bought it! Hopefully I will figure it out quickly enough. So today I’m posting the card I was planning on posting tomorrow. This one is for one of my grandsons and it meets the challenge for these two blogs whose requirements was to have a candy cane on the card.

This is a Z-fold card. So easy to make and yet it looks so complicated when done. Each of the three younger grandsons is getting this kind of card this year. There are several examples of this type of card on YouTube but our local Stampin’ Up dealer, The Pampered Stamper, has a very easy way of doing it and I’ve amended it just a bit. I’ll give you the measurements and quick instructions.

Take a piece of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock and cut 1 ½ off one long side so you end up with a 7 x 11 piece. Set this piece aside for future cards. If you using a 12 x 12 piece, just cut it to this size. Then score it at 2  ¾” and 5 ½”.  SCORE FIRST! Then cut 1 ½” off the long side again. This will be your flap. Lay the card flat and fold in half, then fold the top flat back. You have now created a Z-fold card. Decorate the flaps as you wish and then add the scored 1 ½” flap by first gluing the small flap down on the far right. Close the card and glue just the first 2 ½” of the long flap to the far left. This card confused me at first so I made a model card out of a piece of typing paper to keep as a sample. 

For my card I used some paper from a 6” pack to cover the square flap and the front flap. The middle flat is sort of hidden in the picture but I covered it with white paper after stamping a sentiment and writing the message for Jack. The penguin is just glued at the bottom of the long flap right at the edge so he pops up when opened. The Merry Christmas was die cut with a Memory Box die in red and glued on. I had double sided tape behind the red cardstock when I die cut it so it just peeled off and stuck down which is so much easier than trying to use wet glue for this. I wish I could find some of that “Stick-it” that I see advertised but no luck so far. I don’t order from the USA because the shipping rates are ridiculous. Anyway, back to the card. Once it was completed I decided it was waaaaaay too red. So I just happened to buy a stamp and tree die set on sale at Michaels so I pulled it out and stamped some plain green cardstock and die cut those plus some patterned green cardstock and started gluing them on. Much better. There were some bits of green left over after die cutting the trees so the Martha Stewart fern punch was used again to use up all the bits.

Well, that was a long post. Hope you hung out to the end of it. We are finally putting our Christmas tree up today. I’ve been too busy quilting to take the time to do it but its time!

That’s all for a cold, windy Tuesday, 2016-12-06



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Monday, December 5, 2016

White on White and a Bit of Blue

Well this was an interesting weekend. Hubby had a birthday on Saturday so his day started out with me singing happy birthday to him but the word birthday has about 30 syllables to it when I say it…..or sing it….when the brain disorders kick in, which they did. He was doubled over laughing as I was singing it….and besides butchering that word, I cannot carry a tune at all so double hysterical. Then when he sat down for breakfast I had lit a candle and put it in his toast and made him make a wish and blow it out. He had cupcakes the day before so he didn’t really want a cake too. He just shook his head and says, “I never know what you are going to do next!”  What I did next was to take him out for Chinese food for lunch at his favourite restaurant. He says he had a great day so that was good. His birthday should have been on Sunday when my speech was super bad and I kept repeating the same word about 8 or 9 times before I could move on to the next word……and it would have been even funnier….but it would have taken a long time to get through the entire birthday song! The speech is back to normal today. Yes, it is odd living with these brain disorders but it could be worse so no complaining from me.

Another hour long walk today and I started out wishing I had put on a heavier coat but once we got into the survey I was glad I hadn’t. It just depends on whether you are in or out of some wind break it seems. Not a snowflake in sight so far! We seldom get a white Christmas here so it’s not something we count on. The tree goes up tomorrow. I was too busy trying to get the hockey quilt completed to do it yet……got it ready to go on the long-arm to be quilted on Wednesday…whew!

Today’s card was made with one of my favourite dies  that I bought this year.


The ornament is from a Stampin’ Up die. It was first die cut from silver glitter cardstock and then glued onto the blue glitter cardstock. The background paper was in my stash. It was perfect for this card except not quite wide enough which was easily fixed by adding two strips of the same blue glitter cardstock on each side of it. The light from the camera changed the colour at the top left side but it is all dark blue.

I actually meant to hang the ornament higher up but goofed and laid it down and because I had double sided tape on the back, once it was down, it wasn’t coming up. It is hung by some silver peel-off strips. It was my intention to have the branches go sideways but that didn’t work out with the ornament so far down. So, I had them hanging down too and I really liked it. The white branches were die cut from a Tim Holtz die. Well with the branches hanging down the top was a little blah…….. and with the ornament so low there was no room for a sentiment. Darn….back to the drawing board. The solution……Add a bow……the bow was tied and added to the top and I left long ends where I added the peel-off sentiment. That worked and I liked it!

That’s all for a cold Monday, December 5, 2016

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Simple Christmas Card

Another week is coming to an end and it has been another busy one. The top of the huge queen size hockey quilt that I’m working on for my 12 year old grandson is almost completed. I’m just working on putting the hockey player in the middle of it. My best friend came over for a visit last night and we were having a private show and share time and when she saw the queen size quilt she immediately said, “You better bring that over to my house and either you quilt it on the long-arm or I’ll do it for you!” Bless her heart. I told her I wasn’t even going to ask her to quilt it as I figured she was busy doing her own. No, she insisted I bring it over. I need to get that hockey player on and embroidered before Wednesday!.....but I needed a coffee break!

Today’s card is one we made at our quilt guild Christmas party. One of our members sells Stampin’ Up products and she actually had us make two cards. Wow, was she organized! There were about 75 people there. For the first card she had the front of the card base embossed and everything die cut so all we had to do was assemble it. It is a simple but very nice card. If you are the type of crafter that makes the same card for everyone, this one would be easy to do.


All the products are from Stampin’ Up but you could do the same with products you already own.  No real explanation needed for this card. Next week I’ll post the second card she had us make. Remember, these are quilters she is teaching card making too and let me tell you, the ladies at my table needed help even making this card. It was all so new to them but they were thrilled that they were able to make it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. That’s all for a cool and damp Friday, December 2, 2016



Wednesday, November 30, 2016

House Mouse Wish

Yet another above average seasonal temperatures today but it was suppose to start raining at 11:00 so we made sure we left in good time to get our hour long walk in…..no need to hurry, it never did rain. In fact, Joe went out after lunch to cut the grass again.  This is the last day of mild weather though and tomorrow the cold air is moving in.

Today’s card is another House Mouse design for another great niece. One of my nieces had triplets, identical twin girls and a boy….all natural – no help required. Her first born son was 2 when the triplets were born. Hoo boy! That was quite the time for her. They live a few hundred miles away so we don’t see them often so I like to send them cards.


I decided that this little mouse looked like he was making a wish and I just happened to have that sentiment in my stash. He was coloured with Prismacolor pencils and gamsol and die cut with first the Stampin’ Up stitched oval die and then the Spellbinder’s oval die – but I had to adjust it a bit to fit. The background is from the stash. I wish I had put the sentiment on different paper instead of the same paper as the background but once it was glued down, there was no ripping it off. Oh well, she is 8 and I don’t think she will care.

That’s all for the last nice day in November, 2016-11-30



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Let it Snow Card

This is such a busy time of the year that I ran out of time to post a card yesterday. So, I’m doing it today before I forget again. This card meets the requirements for these two challenges:  


This card was made for one of my great-nieces. It is an old House Mouse design. It was coloured with Prismacolor pencils and gamsol but the hat was not red enough so I went over it with an alcohol marker. The image was then die cut with my new Stampin’ Up stitched circle die. (You get 12 stitched dies, 4 each of circle, square and oval which was great because all I had was rectangle stitched dies so yes, I treated myself once again) The background is a Stampin’ Up snowflake embossed piece of cardstock that I then sponged some light blue ink around. The image was then glued to a large die cut snowflake and glued over the embossed snowflakes. This was then glued to the white card base. The sentiment is just a small stamp that I stamped twice in red; notched the ends; glued it to a piece of red cardstock and glued it to the bottom of the card. Once the card was finished I added flocking to the hat. I think she will like it.

That’s all for a fairly mild day for November, 2016-11-29.



Friday, November 25, 2016

Orange Poppies

It’s Friday again! Once again this week has flown by. Did any of you in the USA go shopping on Black Friday? The Canadian retailers have caught on to this a few years back and to encourage people to stay and shop in Canada, they started to offer Black Friday sales too….and it seems to be working. It is a little more controlled here in Canada though. They give people in line a ticket for the item they want for how many of the items the store has on hand so there is no stampeding and crushing people. We do not attend Black Friday sales! We don’t like crowds and we don’t need anything…..except…..confession time…yesterday we went to Staples to see if the printer I picked out about 3 weeks ago was going to be on sale for Black Friday (the associate’s suggestion that I wait) and although it wasn’t on sale, I found a couple of ones on-line cheaper and he price-matched big time! Awesome buy! I bought an Epson Eco-Tank printer/scanner/copier that does not use those small-expensive- always-running-out-of-ink, cartridges but it has tanks of ink. It advertises that it comes with 2 years worth of ink but I print photos so it won’t last me that long, but I’m okay with that. The quality of the printing is awesome! It was expensive, but worth it.

Okay, enough about that, here’s today’s card.


I had coloured these poppies in orange (Prismacolor pencils and gamsol) so I had to find some orange cardstock in my stash to co-ordinate with them…. which was not a problem actually. I ran the dark orange one through an embossing folder and it cracked in a few places so I simply took my sanding tool and sanded it some more so the embossing was more pronounced. The striped orange paper was glued to the black cardstock (which, yes, had the middle die cut out) and then the orange strip was glued off-centre.  The image was mounted on a black fancy die cut square (Spellbinder’s dies) and then glued on. The black butterfly is a Memory Box die and the sentiment was stamped in black. The centres of the poppies are black glitter.

That is all for a dreary, cold, damp Friday, November 25, 2016.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I’m off tonight to our local Stampin’ Up dealer’s house (The Pampered Stamper) for a fun night of crafting and Bingo with Stampin' Up prizes. Should be a good time.



Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thursday!

Just a quick post to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA readers and Happy Thursday to everyone else! Our Canadian Thanksgiving is in October so long over. Hope everyone is having a safe and happy day.

No card tonight. Busy day. Too tired.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Glitter Card

Raining! We did get our hour long walk in this morning which was good because it started to rain right after lunch and it’s still raining – more like a drizzle but a cold drizzle. This afternoon I went back to work on the ‘quilt-from-H!!!’ and it’s actually turning out all right now. The main part of the quilt, without borders is made up of 120 6 ½” squares. Yikes. This quilt is huge and it calls for 6 ½” borders yet! Thinking of trying to quilt it on my small domestic sewing machine and all I do is shudder!

Today’s card was made with the Christmas ornament die set from Stampin’ Up and Tim Holtz Christmas greenery dies.


This is very glittery! The ornament was die cut from thick glitter paper and was then glued to thin glitter paper. The snowflake background was created by stamping this Hero Arts stamp (another thrift store find) over and over and then small individual snowflakes and dots stamped anywhere there was too much white space. I love creating my own paper. The trouble with this one, even though I liked it, it was too busy for the ornament and I wanted the ornament to be the focal point. The solution – glue a piece of blue velum over the top. Liked it better but it was too blah for me so I splattered white paint over it – much better! The greenery was die cut and then white acrylic paint was dabbed on and then glittered while still wet.  The sentiment is a peel-off. As I look at the photo I see the branches do not go right to the edge of the card. Darn. I may have to add one to hide that. Joe just shakes his head when I show him something like that and say I have to fix it. He says the person who gets the card is not going to care…well, I care! I want it done correctly.

That’s all for a cold, drizzly Tuesday, 2016-11-23



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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blue Scrappy Quilt

Just a quick post today to show you the quilt I recently made for one of my sons-in-law. My daughters and their spouses all decided they would rather have a quilt as a combination birthday/Christmas gift instead of separate gifts. Suits me just fine as I love making quilts……well most of the time. Right now I’m working on a quilt that was becoming the quilt-from-H!!! but I finally got it figured out and I think it will be okay now.

Here’s Joey’s quilt.


That’s all for a cold Tuesday, November 22, 2016



Monday, November 21, 2016

Using Negative and Postive Die Cuts

The beautiful fall weather left in a hurry and is apparently not returning! We had some pretty strong winds starting Friday night and they are still blowing hard. Lots of leaves blown off the trees over the weekend and we raked and took the last of ours over to the yard waste depot today. On Sunday a lot of cities not far from us had a snow blizzard as well but once again, it missed us. We bought new snow shovels on Friday but I’m hoping we don’t need to use them very often. Some years we only have to clear the driveway 3 or 4 times a winter; other times, yikes, non-stop shovelling!

Today I’m posting two cards because they were made together using the negative and positive cuts from each one.


I bought this Memory Box die on sale at the Paper Pickle, our local scrapbooking store, last week and decided to use it over the weekend. I had no idea that it did not die cut the entire flower. Instead, it just cuts each flower petal. I’m not fond of this kind of die but I remembered my vow - if I buy it, I must use it. Well the first card I made using this die went into the garbage. Once the petals were die cut I tried gluing them onto a card base but the glue kept leaking out onto the card base…in spite of the fact that I only used a small drop of glue. And it turns out; this liquid glue I used does not bead up and come off like some other types do. It just didn’t meet my standards at all so I tossed it.

So, another approach was needed. This time I took two similar coloured pieces of cardstock but one darker than the other and die cut the flowers where I thought they would look nice. Then I flipped over the cardstock and put tape across the back behind the cut flowers with the sticky side in the opening. Then I carefully picked up each petal from the other card and placed it in the opposite one. This was a little time consuming but not as bad as I thought it would be. The stems and leaves are also part of this set. Some double-sided sticky tape was glued to the back of a piece of green cardstock before die cutting the stem so I could just pull off the lining and glue the stem down. I have no idea how else this could be done. It would be impossible to glue down. The leaves were just glued down though.

Once they were both completed I decided they needed some ribbon…..thank goodness for a ribbon stash! The ribbon was glued down with the same double-sided glue tape before gluing it to the card base. The sentiments are peel-offs. The next day I looked at the cards again and decided they still needed something else so the first thing I did was to paint on some Stickles. Yes, I paint on Stickles. Squirt some out on a piece of plastic and use an old paint brush to paint them on. You can get a nice even coat and no blobs…..just make sure you wash out the paint brush immediately (which is why I say use an old one in case you forget to wash it right away). Once the Stickles were dry I added some sequins and called it done!

That’s all for a cold and windy Monday, November 21, 2016



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