Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quilted Placemat

Yesterday we logged another 28.5 km (17 miles) on our bicycles. It was an incredibly beautiful day and perfect for being outdoors. I absolutely cannot understand why people would want to wander thru a mall or sit and watch TV on such a beautiful day. Today was suppose to be the same as yesterday but they are now calling for 60% chance of a thunderstorm. Oh boy, here we go again. Not sure if we are going to take a chance and head out or not.

I haven't posted a quilted item for awhile so I thought I would do that today.
Here is a photo of one of our place mats that don our table in the eating area. Not sure who designed our house but he/she should be shook! We have a galley kitchen that leads to an eating area and right next to it is the dining room?? How odd! We seldom eat in the dining room so its pretty much wasted space as far as I'm concerned...same as the living room that is next to it. We live in the rec room and eat in the eating area. If I had my way - and extra $$s - I would re-design the entire main floor of our house by ripping out some walls and making it more open. I told hubby my ideas and he looked at me and muttered something about weight-bearing walls and money and shook his head. I took that as hint that that's not going to happen! Oh well, we've lived here for 24 years so what's a few more years.

Here's the place mat:

Not sure what design this is. Our guild's Block of the Month committee gave us a pattern to make a table runner. I didn't need another table runner so I used just one part of the pattern, added the border and created two place mats. The odd thing is in most things in life, I am a rule-follower. If the "do not walk" sign is blinking, I do not walk; if the sign says "trail closed" I do not go there; and I definitely do not cheat on my taxes; however, when it comes to art and creativity, no rules! I have a very difficult time following a pattern or sketch exactly. I like to make each project my own. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not!...but that's life!

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