Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scrap Buster Quilt

I know I've been mentioning the weather a lot lately but really, it is worth talking about. Last week were in the high 90's(F) and into the hundreds with the humidex and now we are in the mid 60's(F) and no humidity at all. Its down right chilly today. Never seen weather fluctuate like this.

I'm switching things up today and posting a quilt I just completed - well, the quilt top that is.

I started this last year in a workshop hosted by the late Shirley Mills (July 3, 2013). Shirley was a member of our guild and owned her own quilt shop. She was a lovely lady and will be missed. She taught this stash busting pattern and mine is pretty wild and graphic but I like it. Notice that all the small squares in each block are the same. I'm trying to get out of the "everything has to match because I'm a Virgo" bit but it's hard. The quilt was folded up and put away until this month when my daughter bought a 5 bedroom house and I offered to make some quilts for her. The quilt top was too small so I made extra blocks and then added the red border. If she doesn't like it, it will likely be donated to ChildCan for a child diagnosed with cancer. It's pretty bright and may not suit her rooms - but I have two others that are waiting to be finished so she'll get those instead. I'm definitely making this quilt again and next time, I will use different coloured squares in each block. Time to break out of the comfort zone!



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jinxxxygirl said...

Ever since i worked in the Garden Center i'am always up on the weather. Everyone in my family knows you want to know the weather call too funny. We are in a hot stretch right now, near 100 next couple days but thank goodness cools off to 57-62 at night......

I like your quilt!! I'm a Cancer and i like everything matchy matchy too...drives my hubby nuts and he's a Virgo but must not have gotten that trait...go Enjoy your weather! Hugs! deb

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