Monday, October 13, 2014

A Ship Card

It was a very cool Thanksgiving weekend this year. Some years it’s so hot everyone wears shorts and T-shirts but there was a very cold wind blowing this year. We did get a nice long walk in at Point Pelee on Saturday and a shorter one at Rondeau on Sunday. I didn’t think I’d be leaving the house on Sunday but by noon I felt better and decided to head out to Rondeau for some fresh air – and I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone….yeah, speech has been bad this week and continues today! I called my sister-in-law to wish her Happy Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving came out with about 30 or 40 extra syllables in it. We got a good laugh over that one. Darn old brain disorders! Oh well, at least I’m still here!

Update on the Stamping Bella saga – she did honour the $70.00 credit I had so I ordered some stamps to use it up but of course I have to pay the duty. According to her FB posting she is surprised and upset over the Canadian customer’s reaction to her new rules. Really? Let’s see, you started out as a Canadian company, shipping from Canada with reasonable shipping costs to being an American company …not that there’s anything wrong with that in itself….but your American customers get shipping as low as $6.99 and free shipping with orders over $50.00. Canadians are now lumped in with “International” customers with whopping shipping costs, plus we pay the duty now, plus we have to have a $100.00 order to get free shipping. And she is surprised we are upset!!! Hoo boy! I checked some other American stamp companies and most of them have Canada at slightly higher shipping costs then domestic, which makes sense, but none of them have us lumped with International. Oh well, I wish her well but she certainly lost me as a customer….and several others according to the posting. You will still see me using her stamps by the way, but what I have now and what I’ve just ordered will be it.

So, enough about that.  Today’s card is a thinking of you card for a man. It could be for someone who is going through some hard times, like a job loss, or for someone ill because the inside says, “Wishing you better days ahead”.

 This ship image was on the internet and it was a freebee. It was printed on cardstock and sponged with various Distress inks and then a silver glitz pen from Sakura was run over the sails in a few places. All dies are Spellbinders. The sentiment, corner treatments and silver strip are Dazzles from Paper Wishes. Paper is from the stash. By putting a black sentiment plus two black corner treatments, it creates the good old invisible triangle which keeps the eye moving within the card.

That’s all for a wet Monday, October-13-14…..and the start of a wet week ahead!


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jinxxxygirl said...

Today is the last day of what has been a very hot stretch..94 today... Tomorrow is mid 80's then finally the rest of the week will be in the 70's! Whew! Maybe i'll feel like tackling some Halloween decor...just can't do it when its hot....

Love this ship card Violet. You color it so nicely..... The wavy lines on the right side are just perfect for an illusion of water and movement... Thank you so much for stopping by the blog. I love it when you visit! Hugs! deb

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