Monday, January 12, 2015

Quilts were a hit!

Well we sure had a great time on Saturday. It was our Christmas get-together at one of my daughter’s houses – a little late and no Christmas tree up but that didn’t matter at all. We just all had a fun day together. It’s nice that all the sisters and their husbands all get along with each other and with us! Family is so important.

The quilts were a big hit. I posted Finn’s quilt last week but here he looking at his when his mom held it up.

 And of course, Finn just had to try it out right away. 

The funny thing is that he also liked the rainbow on the back so he had to lay down with the rainbow up as well. Four year olds are so funny. It was a very quick lay down!

Last year I made a Don’t Bug Me quilt for the Friends of Rondeau (our local provincial park) to raffle off as a fund raiser and the kids and even the parents that saw it went wild over it so I decided to make one similar to that for Seth. It was a big hit too.

Here’s his quilt that Grampa is holding up and then him looking at it at the get-together.

I have more quilts to post but I’ll be sharing some cards as well so stay tuned everyone.

Every Christmas I try to get a real nice shot of all five of my grandchildren but they think it’s funny not to co-operate and think of something to make me laugh and not what you call a professional looking portrait. This is what they did this year. Just as I was getting ready to take the photo Kadri bends down and Seth climbs on her shoulders - she's stronger than she looks - and Joven grabs Finn and pulls hime up - bare belly and all. Little devils.

That’s all for a snowy Monday – yes, more shovelling this morning! It can end anytime now!


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