Monday, May 18, 2015

A Wedding Card and Birds

This weekend was a holiday weekend in Canada. It started out being called Victoria Day named after the former queen of England but somewhere along the way it ended up being the May 24th holiday even though it doesn’t always fall on the 24th. Now it’s just referred to as May 2-4. We did get some more bird watching in but the photos are not the best as the birds were either way up high or in a tangle of bushes. We did see the rare Brewster’s Warbler though so that was nice. Unfortunately my camera started to fall apart on Saturday - not kidding. The outer housing that holds the lenses came loose and by Saturday night I knew I wasn't going to use it on Sunday. I have a back-up camera but I missed my Canon. Hope they can fix it.

 This is the Brewster. You can see what I mean about being in a tangle. I just took these so we would have proof that we saw this bird.

 The Common Yellow throat (below) is one of my favourites. He was waaaaaay back in the swampy area.
 Joe laughed as I took a picture of the Turkey Vultures but I told him I just had to take a photo of something sitting still and not in a tangle. Man are they ugly birds!

Today was doing laundry, cleaning the car and puttering around day.

Today’s card is a wedding card I made a couple of weeks ago.

While I was tiding things up and rearranging things in the lower studio where I craft (aka the basement) I came across a bag of wedding themed items including that bride and groom kissing under an arch but it was an odd colour of paper which is why I’ve never used it. Time to do something with it! I took my little jar of Tsukineko 70 Vegas Gold all-purpose ink, gave it a good shake then used a sponge to sponge on a couple of layers until I liked how it looked. That ink will cover up just about any colour. Love it. It was then glued to the black cardstock. The butterfly panel on the left is a Memory Box die. Then I just added the Spellbinder’s die cut label with the Mr. & Mrs. on it after it was edged in black. It needed a little something at the top so some gold rimmed pearl peel-offs were added. It will do nicely I think.

That’s all for a holiday Monday,


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jinxxxygirl said...

Well Happy 2-4 Violet!! I've been so absent from your blog..I've missed you! Love your photos!Turkey vultures are quite impressive even if they are ugly. They get such a bad rap but thank goodness they don't mind cleaning up all the messes... The previous owner left some hummingbird feeders and we have been enjoying the hummingbirds.. I'll have to see if i'm quick enough to snap a few picks... Theres a dark colored one with what looks like a gold band around his neck...never seen one like that...he's very aggressive..thats HIS Hugs! deb

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