Monday, March 6, 2017

A Different Masculine Card

Well this past weekend was very unproductive. On Saturday I decided to walk to the nursing home to drop off the church’s newsletter and chat with the residents that I visit there. It’s about 3 city blocks away. I noticed walking that my legs felt heavy and tired. When I got to the nursing home there was a sign on the door that read that they did not want visitors as they were in midst of a severe influenza outbreak – I quickly made a U-turn and went home….was very tired by the time I made it back home. And then I got cold…shivery cold. And I was cold most of yesterday. I spent the day bundled up in heavy clothes, wrapped in a valour blanket and worked on getting photos ready for scrapbooking. I thawed out around supper time and this morning I was able to go for an hour’s walk and felt just fine. I was talking to my sister this morning and she has the same thing….and then another friend on Facebook said her grandkids had it. Some weird bug must be going around. Hopefully I’ll get more done this week.

Luckily I have extra cards made that have not been posted yet. One of the cards I just made is really different than my normal cards…..but I rather like how it turned out.


I actually like making masculine cards….maybe because they are a challenge and I like to challenge myself. So, I took a 5 ½” square piece of off white cardstock and divided it into 9 panels. I put post-it notes along the light lines I drew and stamped images in each one using brown ink and used the same ink to sponge along the edges. The middle square was stamped with a HOTP stamp and then a smaller stamp was used to say ‘It’s your day” and hand cut into a banner and attached with a dimensional glue strip. Then brown thin ribbon was glued over the lines. The ribbon looks purple in the photo but it is actually brown. Once it was completed it was glued to a 5 1/2" Kraft card base.

That’s all for an overcast, rainy, yet mild Monday, March 6, 2017.



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jinxxxygirl said...

Sounds like you got a glancing blow of whatever bug is going around... Hubby and i feel that way once in awhile... some people get sick for weeks and we'll feel bad for a day or two... It may not be related at all but i sometimes think we had a glancing blow of something... I'm glad you didn't get sick sick Violet...

I like your masculine card ! You did a great job! I think any guy would love it. Hugs! deb

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