Monday, June 12, 2017

Hot Flash and a Card

Wow! When Mother Nature has a hot flash it’s a doozy! It is so hot and humid here it takes your breath away. This afternoon we had to go do a couple of errands and coming home the car said it was 34C…93F! On Saturday we had a BBQ and sat around in the shade at Rondeau Park with my sister and on Sunday we took her to Point Pelee National Park for another BBQ. It was just way too hot to think about getting the bikes out. Besides that I’m still fighting this odd virus….or whatever it is….and I still have laryngitis (on week 11 now...maybe 12) and not much energy.

Tomorrow and Wednesday they will be installing our new laminate floor in the living room and dining room so it will be very noisy and dusty here….I may be escaping!

Today I’m posting a card I started quite awhile ago and just recently finished. I think this card was made at our local scrapbook store as a make-and-take or at a card night.

The leaf was stamped and cut out. Distress embossing powder was then added….which is odd stuff but I like it for masculine cards. It leaves a rough finish….follow the directions if you have never used it before because it is not like regular embossing powder. Then the white script bit was stamped on acetate; adhered to a piece of yellow cardstock with brads and then the leaf was glued on top. This was then glued to the background paper. I think it was about then that I realized I had the script upside down…..and set it aside. I pulled it out and decided to finish it and it would be okay to send to one of my sons-in-law because quite frankly, like most men, they are not all that observant or interested in cards. So, I glued it to a rusty coloured card base and added the black peel-off sentiment. One of my friends saw it and immediately asked if she could have it! I pointed out the error and she laughed and said, “Like a man would notice that!” I let her have it. I’ll make another one but this time I’ll make sure the print is right side up.

That’s all for a hot and humid Monday, June 12, 2017! Of course with this time of weather what follows are thunderstorms – every day starting tomorrow until Sunday! Windsor Ontario has more lightning strikes than anywhere in Canada and it is only about 45 minute drive from here so we get a lot of them as well. In fact, our neighbour's tree in his backyard was split in two by a lightning strike several years ago and it landed on my roses. Luckily we did not have a fence between us at that time or it would have been flattened for sure.



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jinxxxygirl said...

Hot and humid here to Violet...uuughhh... I will survive another summer.... .. I look forward to the summer solstice ... at least then the nights start getting longer and we are headed toward Fall even if it is a long way away.. I'm so sorry to hear you are still down with that virus! So sad to think you have not spoken for 12 weeks!! I hope Joe is prepared.. you might have quite alot to say when you get your voice back...

I like your card... and you could always say that you MEANT to do it that way.. it makes it unique! And like you said.. a guy probably wouldn't have Hugs! deb

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