Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It's a Sad World Some Days

My heart is so sad today from the horrific attack in Toronto, ON this week that I am not posting a card today. I'll be back on Friday. Why someone would rent a van to purposely drive on a sidewalk and hit as many people, especially women, as he could, is too hard to fathom. The world is indeed a sad place some days.



jinxxxygirl said...

It is a sad world Violet. My condolences to you.. I hadn't heard it was a rented van.. Have we heard of a motive yet? If he rented a van it took some forethought... Not that all that matters but one does wonder.... (((Hugs))) deb

CraftyViolet said...

I've read that the driver was targeting women. It appears that he had a hard time with close relationships, especially with women and felt that women rejected him. The police found a hate message about women on his FB page. One that he killed was a 46 year old single mother. Her 7 year old is now an orphan. Sad.

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