Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monster Truck Quilts

One of my 4 grandsons turned 3 in July. His parents had taken him and his brother to a Monster Truck Jam and when we saw them later on that's all they could talk about. He had been in his "big boy bed" for quite some time so I thought it was time he had a new quilt as all his were crib size that I had made. I checked out the Internet and found out there is Monster Truck fabric so I checked all around locally but no Monster Truck Fabric available. So I had to order it thru EBay. I bought one panel and all the border fabric she had - mainly because I don't usually follow patterns so I have no idea how much material to buy - mmmhhh this could be a clue as why I have to clean up my sewing room - extra fabric!!!

Anyway, I made the quilt and he loved it. Here he is with it.

I saw his older brother, age 5-1/2, staring at it so I asked him he liked it. "Yeah, I like it a lot Grandma. I like monster trucks too you know".  So I asked him, "Would you like a monster truck quilt for your bed too?". "YES"! Oh boy, back to EBay.

Well, the lady had one panel left but no border fabric nor could I find any anywhere else. It was now out of print. Now see, that's why a quilter buys extra fabric. I had quite a bit of the border fabric left, not enough to make a wide border, but as I had no pattern anyway, it didn't matter.  So, here's his quilt.

Similar but different. He sleeps in a bunk bed so I made his a little narrower.

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Sophia said...

Those are amazing! As the mother of a 7-year-old boy, I can appreciate just *how much* the boys must have loved those quilts! :)

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