Monday, January 24, 2011

mini wall-hanging tree quilt

Well, I spent all yesterday afternoon cleaning and reorganizing the sewing room. AAAGGGHHH Why did I ever start this. It was at least usable before, OK a little messy, but functional. Too much stuff, too little of a room. Hubby refuses to even discuss the possibility of removing the roof to add an addition so I could have a real "studio" for all my projects in one place. Something about weight bearing walls???not to mention $$$$.

Anyway, it's getting there. I want to go back to sewing instead of cleaning. Here are two pictures of a mini wall-hanging I made. This was from a workshop at the Quilt Guild.

This is me working on it.

and this is the finished piece.

I made one for one of my daughters too - green I think...but I forgot to take a picture of it.

1 comment:

Linda! said...

Vi, the tree quilt is gorgeous! I love that all the way you incorporated the checkerboards into the frame of the scene.

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