Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fimo Clay Projects

Yet another one of my hobbies - playing around with Fimo Clay. I don't do anything too elaborate yet but I have fun with it. I'm posting a picture of some small items I made. There is a quarter in with the mix to show you the size of the other things. The Sunbonnet Sue pins were my own idea. I took a picture of Sunbonnet Sue (a quilting icon), shrunk it down and made a template and then made her into pins. All were sold but two of them.

The pens are Bic pens and I take them apart to remove the ink barrel, cover the outside with Fimo clay and bake it, sand it, varnish it and reassemble. I gave most of  them away as gifts and sold some. The other little bottles are left over from the health food store that would have been put in the recycle bin but instead I covered them with Fimo and use them as needle holders. Wish I could get my hands on more of them but I don't use the products they came in any more.  

The words are also Fimo clay and I will be using them on a scrapbooking page.

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