Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Wall-Hanging Quilt

We live in a 4 level back split and there is a wrought iron railing at the top level. It's the first thing your eye goes to when you enter the front door - very open concept. I have made small wall-hangings for almost every holiday and season and change them at will. I usually do it every month but Feb got so busy I forgot to take down January's until yesterday.

Now tell me. Do you see anything "Chrismassy" (is that a real word??) about this quilt? I see snow people, bears, trees and snow and mitts. No Christmas lights, Santa's, holly, etc. Yet  so many people come for a visit in January and say "Oh, you still have your Christmas quilt up!"  No, it's a winter quilt. Then they take another look and realize that I'm right, nothing Chrismassy about it. Oh well, this one is old so maybe it's time for a new one for next January!

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