Monday, March 7, 2011

Bike Flower Stand

What a busy day today was. Aqua-Fit at 8:30 this morning, home at 10:00 for a quick coffee and then off to buy groceries, which we haven't done in two weeks so that was a cart-full let me tell you. Home for a late lunch and then off to the mall to buy PJs for the sister-in-law in the hospital. Then to the library to drop off books and pick up more, then to the hospital to deliver PJs and stayed for a visit and to help her get lids off food items, etc. Home to make home-made leek potato soup (I do not eat canned soup - yuck) which wasn't ready until 6:40 so after eating and cleaning up supper dishes it was almost 10 to 8. Whew! Didn't make into my sewing room at all today.

Glad I had some cards ready to post. I am thinking we need spring to come quicker. It's been a long, long winter. So, I'm posting a card that I made using a photo of a wicker/twig bike that hold a plant that my daughters gave to my husband for father's day a couple of years back. Photography is another one of my hobbies. I let him pick the flower that went in it. Hope you like it.

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