Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to you

Another snow storm hit us last night. Could not believe it. First it rained all day and got rid of almost all the snow and then we got dumped on with another 3 - 4". Unbelievable. Our neighbour does our driveway for us because he has a snow blower and I don't like my husband out shovelling heavy snow. Last year we only had to pay him once, but so far this year I think it's 7 times. 

Meanwhile I have my husband's sister back in the hospital here, my sister recovering from colon cancer surgery in Hamilton and a niece in Australia who is waiting for brain surgery to remove a tumour. So much sickness around me it's a bit much some days. Makes me grateful that although I have two rare brain disorders myself, they are not fatal, just a bit painful some days and mostly annoying other days.

Thankfully I can always escape to one of my creative centres and sew or quilt or make cards, scrapbook or paint to get away from it all for awhile. So I'm posting a humorous card today. Nothing like a funny card to make the day a little lighter! I like this one a lot.

I love this image! I can't sing a note on key so I can identify with this lady. My kids don't even want me to sing Happy Birthday to them. When we first moved to Chatham my youngest daughter was 10 and it was decided by some musical people at the church we attend, First Presbyterian Church, that going carolling to some shut-ins would be fun. Barbi brought a friend with her and when they were dividing people into groups I told them not to count me as a singer. I was just there for moral support. "Oh no", they said, "everyone has to sing".  "OK"! Of course, the group we were in was with the organist, his wife, the soloist, and a couple other choir members. Great! Sure enough, at the first house we stopped at we starting singing and everyone, and I mean everyone, in our group stopped after the first few words and looked at me! "Where did that deep voice come from?"  I sort of mouthed the words after that and no one seemed to mind. I don't have deep voice when I talk but when I sing I sort of sound like the cartoon rooster, Foghorn Leghorn!

Anyway, the image was coloured with my Prismacolor Pencils and then Gamsol to blend. No idea where the paper is from - as usual.

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