Saturday, March 19, 2011

A trip to Windsor and Michael's

Today was the first time since last fall that we managed to get to Windsor. The main purpose of the trip was to take my camera back to Henry's to see if they could open the latch to release the memory card. At Christmas I took lots of pictures - or course (I am known as the shutterbug maniac) - and went to remove the memory card so my son-in-law could download the pictures to their computer and it wouldn't open. None of the guys could get it open so I had to take it back to the camera shop. They couldn't open it either so it had to be sent away to Toronto to be fixed. I think I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms already just knowing there is no camera in that case that is staring at me. Luckily I took out the extended warrant so it is under warranty.

However, while we were in Windsor we treated out selves to a great Chinese buffet lunch and then headed over to Michael's. I usually find Michael's way too expensive after shopping at Hobby Lobby but I did have two 40% off coupons so I picked up another Martha Stewart punch - the one with small butterflies and every other one just half cuts so the wings stick up - I love it and I'm sure you will see it on several cards soon - and a few sale items. And I gave dear old hubby who is such a good sport another coupon to get a refill for my Xyron sticker maker thingy that my beautiful granddaughter gifted me with at Christmas. I don't know how much sticky stuff was left and I hated to run out so I had to get another spare. That's what happens when you live an hour away from major craft stores.

All in all a beautiful day out.

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