Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Steampunk Dragonfly Card

I swear that Mother Nature is having menopausal systems! Seriously! The weather has been so odd this season and it continues. After a very cool summer, we’ve had a couple very, very hot humid days in September and then it turned cool again...and then hot and humid again. Last night about 10:00 Joe said it was getting humid in the house but I checked the thermostat and it was only 73ºF so I sure wasn’t putting the A/C on. It was still comfortable in the house when we went to bed but I woke up at 12:30 drenched in sweat! Whoa! What is going on? …..and no, I don’t get those hot flashes like some people do….never have before so I doubt if they are going to start now! I decided to open the window wider and man all I was getting was more hot humid air. I waited for half an hour and checked again and it was still blowing hot humid air into the house so I decided it was time for the A/C. The downstairs of the house was now 77ºF so the upstairs would have been close or over 80. Closed went all the windows and on went the A/C but by this time I was wide awake and tossed and turned for another couple hours before falling asleep again.

In the morning I mentioned to Joe that we could probably open the windows because I was turning the A/C off. “What?” he says. “When did you turn the A/C on? And why?” Honestly that man can sleep through thunderstorms and heat waves! “Well turn it off now, he says, it’s only 11ºC (51ºF)” Crazy, crazy weather.

I spent the entire afternoon doing two cooking jobs I really don’t enjoy…and I love cooking normally. I made a huge casserole dish full of cabbage rolls (vegetarian of course) and a HUGE pot of cabbage/veggie soup…yup, the old army mess pot was used again. We had the soup for supper along with some cheese/garlic biscuits I made and it was worth the effort for sure. Deeee-lish!

Yesterday was my oldest daughter’s birthday so I made her a steampunk card. All the members of my family got steampunk cards this year so I couldn’t leave her out.

Once again it was coloured with my Prismacolor and Derwent pencils. I sponged Mustard Seed Distress ink around the dragonfly and lightly sponged Tumbled Glass around the edges. The fancy square was die cut with a Spellbinder’s die and while it was still in the die I sponged some Tumbled Glass ink on the embossed parts. The sentiment is from Hot Off the Press and so is the background paper. These images are fun to colour.

That’s all for a Thursday,



JD/ Jill said...

Great the way it is colored...and the pretty frame around it.

jinxxxygirl said...

Well i LOVE that card! Ofcourse i'm in love with steampunk. But i think you colored it brilliantly too! Great job Violet!

Uuuugh you know humidity just makes it all worse don't you think? We are starting a four day stretch of 99/100 degree temps...uughh its the middle of September isn't this suppose to be over? I must say its suppose to cool down Monday 92 and then 89 Tues so maybe that will be it for the hot temps for the year...I'm so ready! I can't even think about pumpkins with this type of heat... :)

I'd love to hear how you make your cabbage/veggie soup.... I remember my mom making cornedbeef and cabbage with potatoes....I've never made it..hubby says he's not crazy about cabbage...but the man likes sauerkraut and Korean Kim Chi and they are cabbage so i think if i make it right he just might like it.....Hugs! deb

Sharyn Polesel said...

Wonderful design and pretty colors! I love that die too. Thanks for joining us at Seize the Birthday!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful birthday card for your daughter! Great coloring job too! Your dinner sounded relish! Thanks for playing along with us at Seize the Birthday!

Macarena said...

I absolutely LOVE dragonflies and yours is just amazing, so romantic and elegant!
Thank you for joining us at Seize The Birthday :-)

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