Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Opening Gifts - Scrapbook Layout

5:00 a.m. is way to early to be wide awake but here I am at the computer instead of sound asleep in my bed. Can't see much room in my day for a nap later on either - plans may be adjusted!

Besides being awake too early, I'm having printer problems. A piece of paper got jammed in the printer and even though I removed it, the "paper jam" alarm is still on and won't release. I tried everything last night to get it to release but nothing worked. So frustrating. My neighbour is a computer genius so I'm hoping he's a printer genius too and can fix it. It won't even let me scan things. Grrrrrr.

But, life goes on, with or without a printer. I haven't posted a scrapbook layout for awhile so I thought this would be a good day to post one. I'm still way behind in my scrapbooking but slowly but surely I'll get caught up.

Lots of photos on this layout - which is pretty much my style. I have way too many photos to do the one photo per page bit. I'm a "photoholic" according to my kids so I always take scads of pictures. These were taken a few years ago and before I had my digital camera....can't imagine going back to film now! Back in the "old days" you never knew until the pictures were developed if you had any good shots.

Here's a close-up of the the left side of the layout. Not sure what happened to the right side but it is not to be found in the file. Must have been deleted by accident.
I like the grid format. I saw this layout in a magazine and decided to try it...but I do believe they had one large picture in the right bottom corner but I didn't have one large photo so I put 3. The title was die cut using a ProvoCraft alphabet die set.

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