Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wide-Eyed Excitement - Christmas Layout

Another rainy day in December here in Ontario. Rainy days mean my face swells (right side only) and my speech is just down right bizarre. Some words come out clear, some a little, well, garbled. For a few months now I have not been able to pronounce "breakfast is ready" - it comes out as "breakferest is readicaby". On Saturday things got switched around. I can now say "breakfast is ready" without a problem, but that night I asked hubby what vegetable he wanted for supper and it came out as "vegatabababaless" or something like that. Weird. Ah, my life living with two rare brain disorders. Good job we both have warped senses of humour because we both just laugh over my pronunciation. The pain that comes with it is not very funny, but I just ignore it the best I can. No pain-pill popping for me thank you. I'll keep the few remaining brain cells that are working, drug free!

Anyway, back to the post. I have one last Christmas scrapbook layout to share. Best I get back down to the lower studio (aka the basement) and get more scrapbooking done. I've been on a card making journey the last few weeks.
This is another two page layout, like I normally do. Once again, lots of photos. The title comes from seeing the look on Jack's face in the photo of him holding his stocking. His eyes really were wild with excitement and it was so much fun to see him so excited. Notice the guy in the shite shirt with a stocking? Yup, even the adults get stockings at Christmas in our house. We draw names for presents and stockings. Each stocking is to have five, $5 gifts, or as close as you can get, for a maximum of $25.00. Fun to see what people come up with for stockings....and yes, I made all the stockings!

Here's a closer look at each page.

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