Monday, January 2, 2012

Guitar Card

Quietest Christmas and quietest New Year’s Day we have ever had! Hopefully the rest of 2012 will have at least a little bit of excitement somewhere along the way!...maybe a trip or two even.

One of the hardest cards to make is cards for men and teenage boys! least for me it is. I needed a card for my cousin’s husband whose birthday is coming up soon. …OK, let me think, actually her mother is my first cousin but Nancy and I are only about two or three years apart in age so we are more like first cousins then her mother and I were. (My father was one of 8 and big age difference between them). So, what is she, second cousin? Not sure. I remember listening in on a similar conversation with other cousins (I think I have about 30 of them) at a family wedding and no one could agree on one fellow’s status in the lineage. It went around and around between them. One cousin’s wife piped up and said she was sure that so-and-so was a “2nd cousin once removed” to which her husband replied, “Yes, and if he ever comes back, we’ll remove him again”. End of conversation! Funny guy!

Yesterday and Saturday I got down to work and made about 9 cards for men to put in my stash. I haven’t gotten them ready to post yet but I will soon. The card I’m posting today will be a good one for a teenage boy, I think. I actually started out making it for one of my sons-in-law who plays the guitar but when I got it done, I decided it was too “young” for a guy in this 30’s. Hubby agreed so into the stash it goes!

This is a Tim Holtz stamp, from Stampers Anonymous collection. I picked up on sale somewhere and I have used some of the smaller stamps that came with it, but not the guitar. I stamped and embossed it in black and then added the aqua blue colour with Tombow markers. The edge was sponged with Distress Ink (Tea Dye I think) and then the edges were distressed. It was then mounted on the black cardstock, which was then mounted on the background paper. It needed something else so I punched out three large corners with the Stampin’ Up punch, and placed some left over blue paper behind the openings. That blue just happened to match the blue from the Tombow (a happy accident and why you should keep all small scraps of paper).

Hubby is still coughing and snorting and the weather is nasty so I guess I’ll have to decide if I want to wear my card making hat or my quilting hat now. I have a couple of quilting projects half done (what a surprise) but I do need more cards in my stash. Decisions, decisions!

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