Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CPS Sketch 166

I gave myself quite a challenge – two challenges really. Here’s how it went down. The CPS blog provides card sketches and request that we make a card based on that sketch and link it to their blog. There were 15 for this challenge. Because my computer was down for most of January I thought I was not going to be able to participate. However, I decided to go for it! I finally got the last few cards finished last night and I am posting them on my blog, linking them to this one:  If you struggle coming up with ideas for cards, by all means check out their blog and download the sketches. I’ve never been a sketch user before but I found out that it is much quicker with a sketch to follow. The second part of my challenge was to use as much of my “stash” as I could. No taking the quick way and grabbing a new piece of paper or cardstock. This slowed me down a bit but I did use a lot of the stash and only had to cut a new piece when absolutely necessary. I will be posting all 15 cards on their own posting to keep it simple.


Sketch 166
I had a little trouble with this sketch. Not crazy about it but I didn't mind it in the end. I had to hand cut the dark wine circle with the ends to make it one piece. It needed something behind it so I added the lighter strip. The stamp is one I picked up at one of the dollar stores over a year ago and forgot about it. It doesn't stamp very clearly so I went over it with a wine pen.

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Linda Beeson said...

What a nice card and I so like how you used that CPS sketch.

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