Monday, April 30, 2012

"I Wish....." Art Journal Monday

It's Monday and we have rain - yeah! We need it so badly...but right now I hear thunder and we didn't really need that but that's OK.

So, once again, it's Art Journal Monday. I'm only so-so on this piece and there is a good chance it may get covered up with gesso and be turned into something else. This week's challenge was to finish the sentence "I wish....". Well, lots of things went thru my head like, "I wish my daughters and grandchildren lived closer", "I wish there was world peace" (doesn't almost everyone wish that?), "I wish they would find a cure for ...insert disease..." but I just didn't know what to do, and wasn't sure I was going to complete this challenge. But I was down in the studio Friday night and pulled out a little box that I thrown fortune slips from various Chinese restaurants' fortune cookies. Joe always asks me why I bother to keep them and I really don't have an answer so I just shrug. I pulled a couple out and thought to my self, "I sure wish some of these would come true" so, light bulb moment! I sat down and created a page.

Like I said, not crazy about it but it is what it is. Some days that creative juices are a little thick and don't flow smoothly.

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