Monday, October 22, 2012

A Football Card

The weekends go by too fast! Saturday we went to see my daughter and her two sons (her hubby still in Kuwait) to celebrate my grandson's birthday - a week early but who cares. His "friends" birthday party is next weekend so the family birthday had to be early. One of my other daughters and her hubby and son, Finn, made it down too so it was great seeing the three boys together. Janette brought the pumpkin suit I made for Finn and this time he tried it on for us...the first time she tried to put it on him, he would have nothing to do with it..he's 2 1/2 which explains it! I'll post pictures of the boys in their costumes in a few days.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Erieau for our very belated anniversary celebration lunch at OJ & Molly's...great food there! After lunch we went for a walk along the dyke and old railway line - about 2 hours! Trouble is about 20 minutes into the walk we decided to go down a slippery slope to get to a seldom used dock that sticks out into McGeachy's Pond and even though I made it down the slope safely, as soon as my foot hit the very wet deck, down I went. The Queen of  Klutz strikes again. Ouch. A little sore and stiff today but not as bad as I thought I'd be. This is a take it easy day!

My grandson, Jack, who is turning 8 next week loves sports, especially football. So, I made him a football shaped card.
I found the pattern in an old Paper Crafts (I think) magazine. Luckily I had some double sided paper that had just about the right colour for a football on one side...and even luckier, I had a Fiskars Texture Plate that had the right texture. For the inside I just printed off a verse (Jack is eight, Isn't that great!...I know, I'm no poet) and then cut it into a football shape and glued them on. Simple but cute card to make and he liked it, and that's what counts.

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