Thursday, October 18, 2012

Embossed Christmas Tree Card

Busy day again today. First Aqua Fit and then a visit from one of my sister's who stopped in for a cup of tea and to pick up some spring bulbs I dug up for her. Then we went out to the backyard and dug up some Phlox for her. Just made it before the rains came down. After she left it was back to the sewing room where I am trying desperately to get the boys costumes made for their dress up box. We are seeing them on Saturday so it would be nice if I could just bring them with me.

I've also been working on a small scrapbook about my uncle, Frank Harvey Willett, who died in action in WWII. My almost 8 year old grandson requested this last year when the school talked about Remembrance Day (Nov 11th) and his mother told him about his great-great uncle. We don't have much information but enough to make a small scrapbook for him. It's kids like him that will keep the memories alive of those who died and, who knows, hopefully prevent another war so history does not repeat itself.

The other night I was flipping thru some papers and came across an embossed Christmas tree mounted on an oval that I do not remember losing. So, I made it into a card. I have no idea when I did this but likely last year so I'll be guessing at how I did it.

It looks like after I embossed it in green I pounced yellow ink in the middle of tree and blue around the edge. It was mounted on a green oval and then a white scalloped oval. So, from there I found a piece of paper left over from another card and a narrow piece from an old Christmas card that I liked and salvaged. It matches the red in the striped paper perfectly so I glued them to a card base and then glued the image on. I added a gold star and ribbon and then the peel-and-stick gold sentiment and two more stars.
I'm glad I found that image already done. It sure made for a quick and easy card.

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