Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Fast Runners"

Another year is before us. I don't bother with New Year resolutions - why mess with perfection, right!! Just kidding. I made a decision years ago to eat healthy food, exercise, create art and enjoy life. It's a life style, not a temporary attempt to change one thing only, and it works for me. Could I do better? Absolutely!But those last few stubborn pounds refuse to budge. My doctor told me it was partly because of the serious illness and life-threatening brain surgery I had and my body is hanging on to reserves in case it has to deal with something like that again. "It's been 13 years body, let it go"!

Yesterday afternoon I decided to try my hand at painting paper! A wonderful mixed media artist, Diane Slater, does this all the time so I went over to You Tube and found someone who demonstrated it. Mine did not turn out like either of theirs but it sure was fun. I started with some 6" paper from a paper pack with colours and designs I didn't like and went to town with paint, gesso and ink. They're not done yet but I'll post them when they are.

Well, I was going to post a card but I have a few scrapbook layouts that have not been posted so I thought it was time I went for a change. Yesterday my daughter was telling me about her sister-in-law who flew to New York to run the marathon only to find out it was canceled so I thought I'd post a layout of the possible future marathon runners - my grandsons. Both my daughter and her hubby run marathons (and do it for fun - they're not planning my vacations) and their two boys love to do the kid marathons.

Pretty quick and easy layout but I like how it turned out. This was a single 12" layout but I made sure the page beside it had similar colours in it so it clash. Barbi took a picture of little Seth crossing the finish line but he was quicker then she thought he would be and was quite aways away when she snapped it. I couldn't enlarge it without blurring it so I just cut a circle and put it around him to draw attention to him, then added two more beside it. The title was made with plain chip board letters that I pounced a few colours of alcohol ink on to get them to match the papers used. 

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