Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birds and Nature

Very cold weekend here in Ontario. Spring has slipped back a bit it seems. Too cold and rainy for me to be out and about yesterday and today doesn't look any better. I do have a few bird photos that I took last week that I haven't posted so I'm posting them now.

Lots of Red-bellied Woodpeckers this year.
I love this Red-headed Woodpecker the best!
Lots of Nashville Warblers too but hard to get a good photo of them.
They just won't sit still.

I love the look on this Vireo's face - he looks annoyed at me taking his picture.

First time we ever saw the Blue-winged warbler and I got one far away shot. Better then none!

There were about 20 people snapping pictures of the bird. A must-see for most birders.

You can easily see why this bird is called a Yellow-rumped Warbler!
Well no birding today so I guess I'll work on the quilt. This time of the year I prefer to be outside - normally that is, but not when it's this cold.

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