Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Stamp, Two Cards

We had a great day yesterday, albeit an expensive one! We bought a new car - 2013 Toyota LS! Love it. We don't pick it up until next week but we took it out for a test drive and it is going to be great. We have had great luck with our 2007 Toyota and had no qualms about buying another one. The only thing we have had done on the 2007 is replaced the tires and last month the original battery finally died. But, we hate having car problems, especially if we travel at all, so it was time to replace it.

The other big expense was groceries. We have been so busy bird watching that we have been just running into the grocery store on our way home and grabbing just what we absolutely needed. The fridge and the pantry shelf was just a tiny bit bare by yesterday so we had restock. Ouch! Contrary to what most people think, it is not cheaper being a vegetarian!

Today I'm posting two cards made with the same stamp. I don't own this stamp. It was a rental from the Paper Pickle back when they were still renting out stamps and I had a coupon for a free rental. My mistake was letting Joe pick out the stamp. Interesting choice I must say! He decided I needed a creative jolt and to get away from colouring flowers and Stamping Bella stamps. I stamped it several times before returning the stamp and I'm still finding some in the stash so I'm finishing some up.

This one was stamped in black and I sponged chalk around the edges while it was still in the square Spellbinder die which leaves a nice white border. Then I coloured it in with green Luminaire paint to give it a lot of shine. I just happened to have the same colour green paper so I die cut the green scallop square and made a banner to match. The card base is a piece of dark blue heavy cardstock which really sets off the light green. I thought this would be a card that could go to a man or a woman.
The next card is basically the same with some colour difference. 
It doesn't look much different at first but look closely and you can see shiny pink flowers instead of all green. Double click on any of the cards to enlarge them. It shows up quite nicely in person. Again, this thank you card would be suitable for a man or a woman.
Believe it or not, I used this stamp as a snowflake and made Christmas cards out of them too.
I've posted these before but I believe it was in 2010 so here's a reminder.

Have fun with your stamps and experiment. After all it's only paper and if you mess up it goes into the recycle bin!

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jinxxxygirl said...

Joe sure did pick out a great stamp! The further i scrolled down they just kept getting better and better.

This new CA house is the first house i've ever actually had a pantry. I just keep all my food in there except for the spices which i keep nearer the stove....

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