Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Happy Three Year Old's Birthday Party

As usual on the weekends, I post a scrapbook layout. But first I want to tell you about something some very nice children did at Rondeau. We went for our usual Saturday bike ride (29km or about 18 miles) at Rondeau Provincial Park today and as we were riding through the parking lot at the restaurant I noticed some writings by the curb. In each parking spot the kids had written different and positive sayings in chalk. Things like "You are worth it", "Never stop believing", "Make this a great day" and on and on. Each and every parking spot had a different saying. Hats off to whoever did it! I enjoyed reading them and it made my day a little brighter.

Here's today's layout.

This was Seth's birthday party when he turned 3. He will be 6 next week. Yup, I'm a little behind on the scrapbooking! Here's the individual pages.
No, he's not a monk in training but he wanted a Star War's costume so I made him one and brought it to the party. He loved it. He and his brother love to play dress-up and I enjoy making costumes so it works out well.

A simple layout really. Just layers of paper and photos. The quilt he is standing by was his birthday present from us. He wanted a monster truck quilt for his bed. I couldn't find any local stores that sold monster truck fabric but I found some on-line and ordered i. He loved it. Of course, his older brother said "You know Grandma, I like monster trucks too and I have a bed". Hmmmm nice hint Jack! He got one for his birthday too.
Here's a closer view of his quilt. I had no pattern and made it up as I went.


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jinxxxygirl said...

Isn't it nice when little things like that show up out of the blue. Random acts of kindness. I really , really like that idea......right now i'm trying my hand at painting rocks. Maybe with something uplifting written on them and leave them here and there for people to find...

Love that Monster Truck Quilt!
Hugs! deb

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