Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cut Paper on an Angle

Finally a day without rain or humidity. This was a great day so we packed up a picnic lunch and headed out to Rondeau for a bike ride - 27 km. Perfect day for a ride. We saw several birds and a fawn and met some nice people too. There were a group of people down by the dock and they turned out to be several severely mentally and physically handicapped adults with their aids and they were actually taken them all out on rubber boats for a ride in the bay. It was quite the undertaking but they all got a ride in a boat. Thank God for people who are willing to work with those that need it the most.

As we stopped for a drink of water some people were having a picnic. They called over to us to ask if we needed more water for our water bottles as they had extra. How nice of them but we carry extra as well so we declined their offer but had a lovely chat with them.

Then we saw the couple from Quebec. The man told us a couple of years ago that each summer they travel all across Quebec and Ontario stopping for a week or two at various camps. The wife is not mobile and rides in an electric scooter and he rides a bike. She does not speak much English but he is pretty easy to understand. What an example of making the most of your situation. Instead of staying home and feeling sorry for themselves they camp all summer and even though she cannot ride a bike, she rides beside him on her scooter. Bless them! It was good to seem them back.

There are a lot of people from other provinces and the United States at Rondeau. Several have cottages there. So far there have been people from: Maine, Mass. Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Wisconsin, Connecticut and New Jersey. Imagine driving from Florida, Texas or California to a cottage in Ontario?? Wow, they must really like it here.

Ok, I'm off the soapbox now! On with a card.

I'm back to using up the stash! This paper is another piece that came with the bag from the thrift store - and the embellishments came with it. I stacked two pieces together and cut them on an angle. Then I switched them around they were taped backed together and this one I covered the seam with a chocolate brown ribbon. The rectangle embellishment was added just like it came from the package. The strip with the sentiment is a leftover piece from the top paper and it is mounted on some chocolate brown paper. These were die cut with the Spellbinder's create a card dies.

No rain again tomorrow but it is time to cut the grass again. The rain and hot weather has it growing like crazy. Enjoy your day!


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Lindsay Weirich said...

very pretty card! I should check out the thrift stores more!

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