Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hot Humid Days

Another hot and humid day today – very humid. We just had to get the grass cut and the roses dead-headed so we went out in spite of the heat. I make sure we drink a lot of water though. Joe hates to stop the lawn mower (mulcher actually) so I take a drink out to him about every 15 minutes. I just add a bit of water to reusable plastic bottles and keep them in the freezer. Once I add water, it stays much colder that way.  I noticed a neighbour across the street was cutting grass and had been for awhile and hadn't seen him drink anything so I went back to the house and got him a bottle of ice water. He said he had some but drank it all and like Joe, didn't want to stop to get more. Men! Honestly, how do they survive without us?

Jinxxxxgirl - We can buy Zip Dry glue here in Ontario at Michaels (way too expensive though) and at Wal-Mart and our local scrapbooking store, the Paper Pickle. I don't know about Michaels in the U.S. but here in Ontario their prices are ridiculous. Zip Dry there is almost twice what Wal-Mart sells it for and even the Paper Pickle price is almost as low as Wal-Mart - so I buy mine from the scrapbook store. It shouldn't be anymore than about $8 or $9 dollars. Keep the white lid on when not in use and it will not dry out. I have also seen it at Hobby Lobby - 40% off coupon would make it very affordable....like wise at Michaels but Michales makes me mad that their prices are so high. How can a small scrapbook store sell glue almost half the price a big chain can? Makes no sense.

Today’s card is focusing a stamp that I use a lot in a wide variety of ways. Love butterflies and butterfly stamps.


I love this butterfly stamp so I stamped it and coloured it with some Tombow markers that I first ran across a piece of plastic and then applied the ink with a wet paint brush...and added some glitter. The scroll didn’t come with the butterfly but I liked it so I used it. I brushed some chalk around the edges and added a silver peel-and-stick doodad in the right bottom corner.

Last week I posted a card that I had embossed and coloured. This is the same Sizzix embossing folder but I didn’t colour it and I just cut it down to size. I wasn’t sure I would like it but I do. Before it was mounted it on a white card base I took some tiny stamps from Stampin’ Up and stamped them all over the white card base in a pretty shiny blue. It doesn’t show well in the photo but in person, it looks quite nice.


Malika said...

Nice card with THE butterfly love it


jinxxxygirl said...

Thanks so much for answering my glue questions Violet!!I'm gonna look for it the next time i go to the store!

I LOVE butterflies too! So you KNOW i love this card!Everytime i see a new butterfly stamp i have to snag it up! Especially if its on sale lol! Hugs! deb

Lindsay Weirich said...

wow, I love the sparkle on that card, bling!!! also I think we need to put cup holders on the lawn mower for our men;)

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