Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mystic Horses

Tomorrow we go and pick up two of our grandsons, ages 6 and almost 9 and we have them until the end of next week. Needless to say I won’t be doing any crafting, except with them if it rains, and who knows if I will have the time or the energy to post anything. These are busy boys, well behaved, but busy. We got groceries today so the fridge is packed with their favorite fruit and yogurt and lots of cereal and snacks. These two are pretty healthy eaters except the 6 year old hates most vegetables. Should be a fun week. This is one last fun week before school starts. Hard to believe that summer is over next week! So sad.

We were so busy today getting things ready for the boys the day just passed in a flash. I thought I’d repost something that I shared on my very first post which was so long ago most of my readers likely missed it.

Hubby is NOT a photographer - can you tell?

...but he is consistent - got half the head again!

A close-up of the back.
 This was my first attempt at designing and making a quilted jacket. I found this panel featuring mystic horses by Laurel Burch at a quilt show and fell in love with it. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I had to have it. On the way back from the quilt show, the bus driver dropped us off at a quilt shop and a friend of mine found a fat quarter of other mystic horses that matched and insisted I had to have it – she twisted my arm people, I had to get it! After it sat in my sewing room for about a year I pulled it out, cut it apart and fused it to a jacket that I had cut out. Then I machine stitched around each one with gold thread. See that strip across the back that makes the jacket look like there is a yoke? It is just a strip, edged in black....a faux yoke! The sleeve cuffs are from the fat quarter she insisted I buy. The large pieces on the front are actually pockets. There was one tiny little horse so I fused it on the upper left arm, towards the back. It’s surprising how many people mention how much they like that little horse there. After all the horses were stitched down I did an all over meandering stitch to quilt it.

So there it is -  my first quilted jacket that I designed and stitched. Oh by the way, I did all invisible seams on the inside so it actually could be reversible. I didn’t want to take the jacket off and have ugly seams showing. I just picked up several actual patterns for quilted jackets at our last quilt guild meeting which was our annual garage sale, so stay tuned, there could be more.

I’ll try to post next week but once again, it depends on what we do. We are only planning day trips with them so I may have more time than I thought.




jinxxxygirl said...

Have fun with your grandsons Violet!!! Love that jacket! I don't think i could have passed up Mystic Horses either even if i had no idea what to do with it! :)Hugs! deb

Lindsay Weirich said...

what a beautiful coat, love the colors and details! Have fun with the grandsons!

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