Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Well this week was not what it was suppose to be! Joe can down with a terrible summer cold on Thursday and we picked the two grandsons up on Friday. Friday night the older boy was sick to his stomach a bit but was okay on Saturday. Grampa came along on the outings but really didn't feel good at all. I thought to myself on Friday night, that's two things gone wrong. I hope the third one is minor. It was not. We got home Saturday night to learn that Joe's favorite uncle (who was only 12 years older than him) had died. We knew he was failing and we are so happy that we went down a couple of weeks ago for a visit with him. We really didn't expect him to leave us this quickly though. Unfortunately we didn't have anyone to leave the boys with while we went out of town for the visitation and funeral so we had to take them home on Monday. They were so disappointed, as were we. But, we assured them they could come back for a weekend this fall.

The good news is we packed a lot of fun into the days we had them and here are just a few of the hi-lights!

Saturday morning our local mall had several exotic animals and reptiles there and the kids were allowed to pat them.
Not something I want to do but Seth loved it!

They loved the ferret too.

They both agreed getting to pet the baby kangaroo was the best thing.

Lizard loving little boys!

They love turtles too
Then in the afternoon we had a picnic lunch at Rondeau and then we went to their turtle festival.
They made the wooden necklaces with a turtle stamped on it and got a turtle painted on their cheeks. Of course they had plush turtles there to sell so Grandma broke down and bought them each what I thought was a slightly overpriced stuffed turtle....although my daughter said when she saw them that they were made by a very reputable company that makes high end stuffed animals so that made me feel better. Besides all the money raised was going into turtle rescue and research.

Then we went up to the visitor's centre and saw all the exhibits and they got to watch the snake feeding - yuck! Of course, the boys loved it.

 Then we went for a long walk along the Marsh trail.
Sunday morning Grampa was really feeling quite ill and upset about his uncle so we had a quiet morning but then he felt better and said he thought we should do something fun so we headed out to Wheatley for lunch out and then to the harbour. There was a brown pelican reported being there for several days - he was just slightly off course as they are usually in Florida! But alas, he had moved on so we did too - down the road to Wheatley Provincial Park. After the boys got tired of playing on the playground equipment, we taught them how to play Ladder Ball Toss. What fun that was! They loved it.

We took them on a walk and they saw turtles, and great blue herons and white egrets which they had not seen before so they were very happy boys. So that was a jam packed couple of days and in between all the other activities they played on various playground equipment, played on the computer and just had a ball.



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