Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What's on Your Desk Wednesday

Every Wednesday a lot of bloggers play “What’s on your Desk” and they show a picture of what they are working on, messy desk and all. Well today I decided to post one of my desks and what I’ve been working on off and on. This is a small, very old, metal office desk that is not anywhere near big enough for what I do so things are stacked up a mile high – not efficient, especially for a Virgo who likes everything organized and neat but it is what it is.

My husband’s cousin has a large garden and he brings us extra veggies all summer, which is great seeing that we are vegetarians and eat a lot of veggies. So a few weeks ago he says the church is having an auction in the fall and he has made two small wooden trays with handles and they are going to put jars of homemade jam in them to auction them off.  He is a woodworker and does excellent work. In fact he made our new kitchen cupboards for us…and I loved this trays. I may go and bid on them myself..........but then the said they would bring more money if someone could paint something on them!! Well, I can take a hint so I said sure I’ll do that. He said I could paint what ever I wanted. Of course, I told him that I had painted two large happy faces on each end just to get a rise out of him. I know, I’m bad. But here’s what I actually painted.

 So I decided if they are going to hold jam why not paint some strawberries so that’s what I did…and some vines along the sides. The butterflies were just stamped on with Stazon black ink. Ignore the mess – I warned you things are stacked up!...and hung up!

Here are some close up shots that show a little more detail. I guess they look like strawberries.

Here is the side of each one


And above the desk are mixed media works in process and some finished ones that I liked so I hung them up there. Actually when I look at the picture I can see more then mixed media - a small mirror I glued shells onto, a paper Christmas ornament made from old Christmas cards, some tol painting and who knows what else lurks there!

That’s it for Wednesday!




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