Monday, January 13, 2014

An Engineerd Card

The snow is almost gone! What a difference a couple of rainy days makes….besides a mess! Of course we have gone from warnings about icy/snowy road conditions to warnings of flooding. Welcome to weather in Ontario.

We had a great day yesterday. Wonderful church service in the morning, lunch out, crafting all afternoon (me only, Joe was on the computer) and then we took in a hockey game after supper and our team won, and then came home to a cup of tea and a piece of pumpkin pie I had made. Wonderful day indeed.  Today was a very busy day for. It was the first day back to making quilts for kids with cancer and 14 showed up today. We had people cutting, sewing, sorting, making kits and pressing. We sure get a lot done when there is so many there. Our quilt show is coming up in May and we are selling some bits and pieces and making up jelly rolls to sell and stuff for the “toonie table” which is like the old fashioned penny sale and the proceeds go to our group for buying batting, etc. Fun day…..until I got home and the computer didn’t work. Luckily the neighbour, the computer guru, finally got it up and running again. Darn computers.

Well, last week I decided to make a totally different card. I saw one on the internet that was like a gate-fold card, but it locked together with two circles. There was no pattern with it. So I decided to design one myself. Turns out I am not an engineer! But I am stubborn and kept working on it. Here’s the first card I made…along with my boo boos that I carefully and cleverly fixed.


It’s a little hard to see but look closely and you can see the top of one circle heading the right above the square where the sentiment is and another circle going the opposite direction at the bottom. I took a piece of paper and folded it like a gate card and drew the circles so they would touch each other in centre to keep the card closed. I traced this design on the back of this blue swirly paper and then cut it out and folded it. Ooops. The circles did not match and I was left with a hole where they met. Annoying! I hated to waste the paper so I dug through the stash and found this pretty label from a 6x6 paper pack that matched and glued it on with glue dots just on the left side. It hid the hole, looks nice, and the card stayed together. So I cut two rectangles from the striped paper for the outside edges and added two Spellbinders fancy scrolls. I left the fancy scrolls in the die after cutting and embossing them, added some liquid glue, lifted off the die and sprinkled on glitter.

Here is the inside of the card using some left over paper from the same 6x6 paper pack. I did better on the second card and I’ll post it tomorrow.


Here’s a question for you to ponder. Do you know why manhole covers are always round? If you do or want to take a guess, leave a comment…but no fair checking out the internet for the correct answer first!!!! Of course if was going to be politically correct I would have to call them a personhole cover but that is getting to the ridiculous level so I won’t.

I’m trying hard to talk hubby into driving out in the country looking for a snowy owl. I love owls and I want to take a picture of the snowy owl. So far I’m just getting “the look” but I’m hoping to win him over. Wish me luck.





thefrugalcrafter said...

Sounds like you had weather like ours! glad to hear you had so many to quilt with you for a good cause too! Petty cards:) As for owls, we hear them at night but I've never =seen one and they are literally in my backyard!

jinxxxygirl said...

I don't know can you actually find an owl if you go looking for one? They always just surprise me. :)

You know in all my years i never once pondered 'Why are manhole covers round?' LOL! Your gonna have to tell me cause i have NO idea. :) Hugs! deb

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