Monday, January 20, 2014

In Sympathy

We are in for another cold spell here – very cold. I’ll be grounded once again. We did manage to get a walk in this morning but it was tough walking and I was glad to get home. Slippery, icy and snow covered sidewalks are just not easy to walk on.

Before I post my card today, I want to share this article with you. This was written based on my daughter’s thesis. It was in the Vancouver, B.C. newspaper today and they said it will likely be picked up by other newspapers as well. Maryanne will also be talking about it on television soon but I don’t have the details on that one. This was a humungous undertaking on Maryanne’s part and although she was awarded her Doctorate in Law for it, it has taken its toll on her too. Writing about many murdered women must haunt her. 

 Based on the above, I am going to post a sympathy card I made and I’m dedicating it to all the families of the murdered women.

I love it when I can find scraps that match! I covered a white card base with the blue and black paper and die cut (Spellbinders) the fancy square from pale blue. The butterfly is one of the stickers that started out white and then turn green when glued on black. A reader asked for a photo of them before and they are almost all gone but I shall do that. They look just like this one but the green is white. The black square was also die cut with a Spellbinder die and then glued to the blue one. There was enough of the light blue to die cut a fancy label and then I added the peel-and-stick sentiment and the swirls. The bow came from the shoe outlet.

That’s all for today. Many thanks to all who left comments on several of my previous posts. Nice to get the feedback.

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