Thursday, January 16, 2014

The BIG haul(s) and a Colour Block Card

What a busy couple of days I’ve had. Yesterday morning was pretty quiet as hubby and I had nothing much planned except having another cup of coffee and reading and then lunch out with some friends (me). In the afternoon I started putting my Don’t Bug Me quilt together….every other square has a bug on it and the title is going on top of the quilt. Fun quilt to make. But then I remembered late in the afternoon that we had our quilt guild meeting that night so it was hurry up and gets things ready to go that I had to take, make supper, etc. No time to post on the blog. It was snowing like crazy when I left and I was glad it was only about a five minute drive to the church where we hold the meetings, or I wouldn’t be going. I thought for sure it would be a very small crowd there but there were almost 70 people. Quilters are a hearty lot I guess. Lovely quilts were shown and they announced that last year our small guild donated 264 comfort quilts to agencies and residents. I don’t know exactly who gets them as I just help make them and I’m not in charge of distribution but I know most go to ChildCan in London who give a quilt to every child diagnosed with cancer; some go to the local cancer clinic here for people undergoing chemotherapy; the police/fire/ambulance drivers have them to give to a child or elderly person in an accident, fire or traumatic experience and then some go to individuals who we hear about that our diagnosed with cancer or some other life threatening condition. I was surprised we made that many though.

But by the time I got home I was again too tired to post anything – besides my favourite hockey team, The Toronto Maple Leafs, were still playing and winning so I had to watch the end of the game.

Before I post the card I want to tell you about my good luck and hefty haul from yesterday. When I left the restaurant I stopped in at Value Village and picked up three bags of various crafting supplies, mostly paper (yummy sparkly paper and Martha S), some embellishments, a Just Rite stamping kit (nice), beads and much more. I showed the haul to a friend who stopped in for a visit in the afternoon and she saw these same ones in the morning and turned them down….oops, sorry about that but her loss was my gain this time! But the big haul came at the guild meeting. Another quilter and vendor came over to me with two boxes of crafting supplies. One huge box was overflowing with 12x12 papers and the other was full of stamps, ink, Tim H stuff, Stampin’ Up stamps and embellishments and more. She said she and her daughter thought it would be fun to make cards but it turned out she didn’t like it all and the daughter was too busy to do it and she was tired of moving these boxes around and decided I should have them. She refused to take anything for them but I did press her into picking out a few cards. But she was also selling a panel of birds that she made into a wall-hanging and I knew Joe would love it so I bought that from her. It was the least I could do, right! What a haul it was. I’m heading down after I post this to start sorting and organizing and putting everything away. I’ve been up since 5:00 and I’m too tired to do much today anyway so this is what I like to do when I’m tired.

Sorry for the long windy post but I had to get you caught up. And I’m back with a card today. This is another “use up the scraps’ card but I like it.


A couple of years ago I bought some card making embellishments from Paper Wishes – no paper, just the paper bellies. The circles on this card and the striped paper came with the pack. These were left over from other cards so they had to be used up instead of joining the scrap pile. I found the light green patterned paper in the green scrap pile that was actually cut the exact size of the card base and glued it on. The edges were inked, of course, because I just always do that. Then I found the two other green pieces that fit on with the strip between them – but I did have to trim off some of the one on the right and I inked those edges as well. Then the circles were added. The inside says something like “Your such a good friend” so it could be a thank you, thinking of you or birthday card. I do like some of these non-stamped and coloured cards and they reduce the scrap pile.

So that’s the end of the long post.  Hope to back tomorrow with a fun card I made for the Stamping Bella challenge.





  1. you should take photos of the deals! I'd love to see what you got! I just got a new paper wished catty in the mail, I haven't ordered from them in years but it is fun to look! Love the modern look of you cards too!

  2. you should take photos of the deals! I'd love to see what you got! I just got a new paper wished catty in the mail, I haven't ordered from them in years but it is fun to look! Love the modern look of you cards too!


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