Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An Altered Item for Storing Dies

Although it was a delightfully cool evening and early morning by this afternoon it was back to an absolutely beautiful weather here in Ontario. Unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep last night so I was very tired today….too tired to be creative that’s for sure. I did have a plan in place for such a day though and it was actually very productive. Once I took the photos of my table I thought of the blog – so I think I’ll link this post to it.

Here is my table at noon.

Yup, I took all (most, I missed a few) of my small dies and either cut out the picture of what the die was or die cut a new image and glued the pictures right to the back of the die - Mod Podge was what I used. I got so tired of opening each package every time I wanted to use the die and the packages were taking up a lot of room. So, the plastic packages got tossed. Then after lunch I did the same thing to my large Sizzix dies. I have cut myself on those plastic containers too often so I was happy to get them done as well. And in case you are wondering, no it does not affect the cutting at all. I tried one first to make sure! The die in the middle with white paint smeared on it is the body and antennae of a Sizzix butterfly die. I die cut pieces in black and then Mod Podged them on and once they were dry I realized I couldn't see them - black on black does not show up. Told you I was tired! So I just rubbed some white paint over them so I can see what die it is.

Once the large dies were dry I just put them back into the drawer and once again, they now take up much less room so I can actually flip them to find the one I want. The small dies went into a tea box container. I found this plain cheap wooden tea box at the dollar store and did a few(!!!) alterations to it to make it a little more artsy looking and here is a few shots of it.

So that was my Wednesday. What was on your desk today? I did manage to get outside to fill up the bird feeders. A hummingbird has decided to visit us again so that’s nice to see. He disappeared for a couple of weeks. Just before supper I wandered around the garden, pulled a few weeds and planted two small flowers I bought yesterday. All in all, not a bad day for someone tired!


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jinxxxygirl said...

Not a bad day at all! Quite productive i'd say. I was in the cleaning mood too. I think i told you about that awful shelf i have full of all my paper products that i cannot find a thing well i dove into that today and got it into some kind of order..... At least now i think i can find something!! Hugs! deb

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