Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Scrappy Quilt

Well, I’ve decided to rename our local “weather specialist” to the “weather guesser”! This morning we turned on the radio for the latest weather report and it was suppose to be “sunny all day with a few clouds. Hot and humid feeling like 31C (almost 90F). Okay, we better don the coolest shorts and sleeveless tops and fill four water bottles with ice water. After breakfast Joe goes out to load the bikes while I finish getting the BBQ meal ready and packed. He comes in and says, “I’m not sure about today. It’s cloudy, looks like rain clouds too, and there is a very cool wind blowing”. Really I say? Does this weather specialist ever walk outside and look up in the sky or does he just stare at computer screens? We were ready to go so we took a chance but grabbed long sleeve shirts, just in case, - and we needed while eating. Well, about 3:00 we finally saw some blue sky but humid it was not. The clouds were thick and grey but no rain where we were. It actually turned out to be a very comfortable day and we ended up doing 30.9 km (almost 20 miles). Weather specialist, yeah right!!

This is the latest quilt top I finished. It will be donated to the Chatham-Kent quilters guild comfort quilt group to be finished and then given to someone undergoing chemotherapy.  

This was such a fun quilt to make and used up a lot of the stash. Each block measures 5 ½” with a 1” strip down the centre on the diagonal. The pattern said to cut the blocks down to 5” but I easily got 5 ½” so I wasn’t going to waste extra fabric for no reason….even though I do use all my scraps to fill pillows that are then donated to the local animal shelter for the puppies and kittens to sit on. Then the pattern said to lay all these blocks out on the design wall and then sew them together. My sewing room is a long walk-in closet. There is no design wall. I have a design floor which is in another room. So, I decided to sew four of these blocks together into what is known as a four-patch and then I laid them out on the floor. Joe helps me when I get them all laid out to make sure I don’t have two the same side by side. I hope who ever gets it likes it.

I have one other quilt top done too but not photographed yet.

That’s all for a Saturday,


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aquafit said...

I love it, I think that I saw it on the floor one day when I stopped. So cheery and bright.

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