Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brrrrrrr.....and a card!

Brrrrrrrrr. The weather forecast was correct. Holycamoly is it ever cold here in Ontario….and all over North America according to what Joe read – even Florida and Hawaii were cold….of course everything is relative and being cold in Florida and Hawaii would be welcome weather here in Ontario in November. I noticed that our mail carrier had been at the door – one good thing about snow is you can see footprints easily – and I wasn’t sure I wanted to even open the door long enough to get the mail but finally did and so glad I did because I had received another prize I won. My blogging friend, Deb, over at www.learningtojustbreathe.blogspot.com, had made a beaded spider and just by posting a comment on her blog, I happened to win it. Now I HATE real spiders but this one is lovely. I made the mistake of mentioning to Joe that I had to decide where to display it. Of course, Joe the jokester started looking up at the ceiling in the corners...ha ha Joe! He says spider always love to be in the corner of the ceilings so he was picking the right corner……You’re not funny Joe, not the least bit funny! Needless to say, I picked the display area!

Today I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that’s for sure. First of all I slept for a solid one hour and 15 minutes last night, woke up fully refreshed and thought it was morning – it was 12:45 am. Aaaggghhh! You know what happens next –toss, turn, toss, turn, look at the clock; toss, turn, toss, turn, look at the clock; over and over and over….that’s what I’m blaming my bad judgement day on anyway. First I miscalculated the amount of fabric I needed to complete the backing for a quilt…the measure twice, cut once rule was forgotten to be applied so I had to cut another strip of fabric….sewed it on the wrong side instead of the right side (both right and wrong side of the fabric was identical though so I’m using that as an excuse) so I had to pick out all the stitching and re-stitch it! I don’t have time for this people!!! I’m on a deadline here!!! Christmas will be here before I know it and I have one out of 11 quilts completed. Joe just shakes his head and says I bring this all on myself by deciding these huge projects at the last minute…he’s right of course, but it doesn’t help get the quilts done.

But in the evening I quite often quit quilting and go make some cards or do some scrapbooking so I have another new blue and silver card to share.

I had this long wide piece of shiny blue paper left over so I notched the ends, ran it through the Cuttlebug snowflake embossing folder, mounted it on silver cardstocks (cut out the middle part of course) and glued it to the blue paper. The snowflakes were all die cut using various dies and left over paper. The large snowflake has a piece of the silver cardstock behind it so the middle reflects the silver. Tiny silver, with a touch of darker blue, snowflakes were placed in the middle of the large and the two smaller snowflakes. The snowflakes are all popped up with dimensional glue dots. The small banner was hand cut from left over paper and the sentiment is a peel-off.

That’s all for a bitter cold Tuesday.


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  1. I'm a sucker for snowflakes. Love the blue too! If its any consolation ..... i made my husbands lunch last night and left it sitting on the counter instead of putting it in the frig.... uuughhh..... It WAS one of those days... Stay warm! Hugs! deb


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