Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Break Scrapbook Layout

It’s still cool here in Ontario so we headed out to the arena for our 2 ½ mile walk instead of walking in town. I thought we should be able to walk in town but Joe wanted to go to the arena so I went with him. Part way around I told him I felt like a hamster in a wheel because I keep going around and around but I don’t get anywhere. He didn’t laugh so I don’t think he thought that was funny. As we finished our 20th lap around he said, “More people here than normally” and I replied, “Yes, lots of people on the hamster wheel today!” This time he chuckled but I think he got the hint that I’d rather walk outside!

After the walk we stopped at the library to pick up more books for me and we decided to stay and have a coffee there before heading home. Our library has a small café and reading area right in the library and it is manned by young people with some learning disabilities. Its run by Community Living (formerly Mental Health) and it gives these people a chance to learn people and life skills. It’s been a very successful venture both for the organization and the public. After lunch I got a few more cards done and I’ll post one of them tomorrow.

When I was in the Paper Angel scrapbook store in Blenheim yesterday watching the owner help my friend Sue with a scrapbook layout it dawned on me that I have not posted any scrapbook layouts of mine for ages. This is March break in Ontario and I happened to have a layout from March Break 2010. My how the boys have grown since then.

I decided to put these pages side by side in the scrapbook so I made sure they matched somewhat and the journaling is for both pages. The pinkish strips are actually red, not pink. In fact you can see the difference in colour from one page to the next. Finding a good spot to photograph these layouts is a problem I have yet to solve.  Anyway, I decided to pick up the red yellow and blue from the bouncy castle and used some left over pieces of paper to co-ordinate the two pages. The bottle caps on the left were downloaded from a digital scrapbook kit I own and I changed the colour of them to match my layout in Photoshop; and then I die cut the letters and glued them on. Once the photos were gridded and glued on then I just started adding some small embellishments like the stars, tags and arrows. It’s a little fuzzy in the photo but the blue circles under the first bit of journaling has white arrows pointing to the left page and then the red ones underneath point to the right layout.

Here are the individual layouts.

That’s all for a cool Wednesday


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jinxxxygirl said...

Hamster .... Well 'I' thought it was funny!! I used to go to my daughter's high school on occassion as they had a cushioned track and it gave my knees a break , especially when i was carrying alot of weight.....Plus they had bleachers i used to climb for an extra work out... And your right it does feel like a hamster wheel and i hated it... Give me a wooded path to follow any day...

Love seeing your scrapbook layouts..Gives me ideas for my own.. Hugs! deb

PS Just posted a pic of the baby hummers that just hatched!!!

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