Friday, May 22, 2015

A Splash of Colour

Happy Memorial Day to all my U.S. readers. Here’s wishing you pleasant weather and a wonderful weekend. It’s still pretty cold here in Ontario and everyone is remarking about how they cannot remember such a cold May – well, we had a record breaking cold temperatures in Jan and Feb too and March and April were a bit colder than average temperatures so no surprise that May is cold. Once it warms up they are predicting record breaking heat waves. Figures. If the wind would go down it would be lovely outside. We haven’t bought a single flower to plant in the garden yet which is also unusual. There are frost warnings out for tonight and tomorrow night so maybe next week we’ll hit the greenhouses.

Today we picked up 4 rhubarb pies from the church; had some rhubarb stalks given to us; bought a huge bag of asparagus and I spent the entire afternoon baking and freezing. We have 8 bags of asparagus and 4 bags of rhubarb frozen for this winter and I may freeze some more. But in spite of being tired tonight I think I’ll go down to the lower studio and make some cards or do a bit of scrapbooking.

Here’s today’s card.

Some days I just want to make some quick cards and this card was very quick to make but I love how they turn out. The beige background was a single sheet note card which came embossed.  It’s not water colour paper but plain but heavy cardstock..... but that doesn’t mean you can’t splash some water colour paint on it. That’s exactly what I did – I loaded a brush with water colour paint and just splashed it on, rinsing the brush between colours and let it blend a bit. Once it was dry I stamped the butterfly and the sentiment. Then I loaded up the brush again and tapped it so it splattered little dots of paint all over the card. Once it was all dry I glued it to the actual card base.

That’s all for a cool Friday,


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