Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Is it fall again??

Brrrrr. Yes, brrrrr. The wind is so cold today it feels like fall again….in fact there is a chance of frost tonight. It was too cold to head for the lake for more birding today and I made the mistake of sticking my head out the door to double check the weather and the wind hit my cheek and oh boy, the brain disorders hit and they hit hard. Darn! Didn’t get much done this afternoon. I didn’t get too much done yesterday afternoon either. Joe didn’t get the grass cut until after the lunch hour so by the time we ate it was about 2:00 and he wanted to hit the shower and relax. So, I headed out to the grocery store by myself. This is most unusual as we have gotten groceries together since we’ve been married unless one of us is sick or can’t go….and probably no more often then a half-a-dozen times each. I did pretty well but the clerk helped me put the groceries in the cart and I guess she put the 10# bag of potatoes on the bottom shelf and I didn’t notice it when I unloaded the groceries. It was so windy and cold in the parking lot I guess I was going too fast and didn’t think about the potatoes. So, I hope whoever found them is someone who was in need of a random act of kindness, if it was unintentional. It’s annoying but not worth losing sleep over.

Today’s card is monochromatic card using a feather, a die cut butterfly and a dry embossed background.

These cards are so quick and easy to do. First dry emboss a background with an embossing folder of your choice and I prefer to have an open design instead of a tight busy background. This one is swirls and leaves so perfect for this card. The butterfly was die cut and glued on and the feather was glued on. I stamped the frame and sentiment and the cut around the frame and attached it with dimensional glue dots. Then it was glued to the darker blue card base which has the fold at the top.

That’s all for a too-cold-for-May-Wednesday,


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