Monday, June 29, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away - to California maybe?

We were absolutely soaked in this weekend. It started raining here about 5:30 am and didn’t stop all day – and sometimes it came pouring down like I’ve never seen before. The Windsor airport had over 2 ½” of rain on Saturday alone. More thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow are forecasted as well. Too bad we can’t send some of it to California. We had so much rain that most of the sweet cherries were ruined – they split if they get too much rain and then rot right away. Cherries are my all-time favourite fruit too. Sad. Some of the apple orchards were ruined too. I feel bad for the farmers as this is their livelihood.

Not much to report as we were housebound this weekend and I pretty much did some quilting and made some cards which I will post later on. They are not photographed yet. But here is a card that I made that I quite like.

I took a piece of patterned note card and inked the edges slightly with red ink. The photograph of the butterfly is one of my own. Before it was printed I wrote “In sympathy” vertically along the bottom left edge using Photoshop. One piece of white ribbon was run from the top of the card to just under where the photo was to be .Once the photo was glued to the centre of the card the bow was glued in place. I like this one so much I think I’ll get some more photos printed off for future cards. I don’t have any more of the note paper but I can find something similar I’m sure.

That’s all for a soggy Monday, June-29-15


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jinxxxygirl said...

My husband's brother live in TX where we used to live before moving to CA and he said they have had more rain there than he has ever seen....!And this was a town that was drying up.... something that helped us decide to move... They could not have the boat races last year because of low lake levels and this year they are full FULL...

Yes i know poor CA.... and Oregon and WA too.... i hope it lets up on them soon... I worry about the redwoods... ofcourse they have lived so long you would think they could weather anything but they have a very special eco system .... they need that fog and mist off the ocean...

I love what you do with your photos Violet ... Its an idea i'm going to 'steal' one What a great way to use your wildlife photos.... Which reminds me ... I've managed to get a few bird photos i will post hopefully this next week.... I'll need to pick your brain..:) Hugs! deb

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