Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Butterfly Card

Well today was the complete opposite of yesterday! Yesterday it was hot and humid and we had to turn the A/C on but the thunderstorm this afternoon brought the temperatures down to a very chilly degree. No need for A/C now. Neither one of us felt like doing anything today so I worked on altering a dress for my daughter, the marathon runner, to wear during the Halloween Race. It’s not always easy to come up with a costume that is comfortable for running in but this year should be okay. She is going as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas – her favourite movie. It’s also shark week and I have tons of shows taped to watch so I got a couple of those in today too. Once in awhile we just need a lazy day.

Today’s card is one I made last week for my friend whose husband died.

The top photograph is one of my own photos of the Buckeye butterfly on a thistle flower. I had already added the sentiment in Photoshop. I glued it to a Stampin’ Up green card base with the fold at the top. The butterfly corner treatment is a Memory Box die that first cut out of white cardstock and glued in place. I have found the best way to glue these intricate dies is to lay it face down on a page in an old magazine and use my Zip Dry glue to just dab away at it until it’s all covered with glue and then I pick it up with tweezers and lay it down where I want it. I lay a piece of scrap paper on top and press down to adhere it well. Just close the magazine up and that page will stick the opposite page. Next time you need to glue something, a new page will be there….and if you need to glue something right away, you won’t get glue on the wrong side of what you are gluing. The three butterflies are die cut at the same time and they are removable. To pick up on the pink of the thistle flower I ran the same die through the Big Shot but instead of die cutting it, I embossed it on a piece of heavy pink paper. This left the perfect impression of the butterflies so I just had to cut them out and glue them in the negative spaces…no guess work involved. The body and antennae are from another butterfly die but they work on all butterflies….I just cut one smaller for the smallest butterfly.

That’s it for a rainy Tuesday,



  1. I love how you combined one of your own pics and dies. They look great together. We have had several enforced lazy days lately because of rain. They have hubby chomping at the bit to get back working on the house... We need to dump the trailer of all the sheet rock etc.. in it but because of the rain we can't... so we're stuck....personally my body is very happy for the break....shhhhh don't tell him....lol ... but finally my body parts don't hurt... More rain coming today...uuughhh... Hugs! deb


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