Friday, July 3, 2015

I'm Back with an Update and a Card

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth……just busy! Wednesday was our Canada Day BBQ with family and it was great! The weather cleared up overnight and although there was a cool breeze it was a bit chilly when the clouds covered the sun but when there were no clouds, the sun was warm as could be. The Springbank Park is huge and one end has Storybook Gardens which is great but very, very busy so we avoided that end completely. There is one thing I learned though – trying to get little boys to follow direction for a photo shoot is like herding cats – doesn’t work well. I suggested that they all hold their Canadian whirly-wigs way up high as they could and this is what I got.


I wanted a nice photo of the three boys with us and do you think they would pose nicely – not these little rascals. This is what we got!

 They had just stopped riding their scooters and still had helmuts on.
 Good job the little rascals are cute and well behaved – except for posing for photos!

I finally got my daughter's Christmas quilt to her - yeah, a little late but she loved it. Here it is. It is big and bright that's for sure!
Thursday we went for a 25km bike ride and coming home we decided to stop at the self-serve car wash and power wash the grease and grime off the bicycle chains and gears. Wow, were they caked on. We will now re-oil them and I do believe it will be easier riding. We have dirt bikes so we can go on the trails so they get dirty very quickly. This year we’ve decided to seldom do the trails as they are in rough shape right now so that should help keep them cleaner. We got home late only to find out Joe’s sister had fallen again and this time she broke her elbow and would need surgery on Friday afternoon. Too tired to post by this time.

This morning was grass cutting and then I had to attend a “celebration of life only” funeral this afternoon for a quilting friend’s husband and then we went right to the hospital to wait for the surgery to be completed. She did fine and will likely be released tomorrow or Sunday but was completely out of it so we gave up and came home. Long day for sure.
Today’s card is another dragonfly card and this time I used the negative part of a peel-off. This could be a birthday or thinking of you card.

When you use these peel-offs (called Dazzles if from Paper Wishes) you always get left with the “innies”. I hate to waste anything so I carefully cut around the innies leaving a very scant margin then I used a sheet designed for picking up the innies and lifted it up and transferred them to a piece of bright blue cardstock. Then I trimmed away the blue from the edges. Then it was glued to the white cardstock that I die cut with a Spellbinder’s die. Lots of steps but it really didn’t take that long. The blue fancy rectangle was die cut from the same die set and then the whole thing was glued to the pretty blue flowered paper that I had already adhered to the card base. I added a white bow to the right side and blue gems to some of the areas on the white and blue fancy rectangles and a large white gem to the dragonfly for the head. I tried a black gem there but it didn’t look right with the silver so I switched it for the clear one.

That’s all for a Friday.  It’s supposed to be another gorgeous weekend with lots of sunshine. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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