Friday, July 17, 2015

Multiple Photos on One Layout

We’re having a heat wave here in Ontario…, humid and hazy! The temperature right now at 8:30 at night is 23C but feels like 34C (93F) and tomorrow will be even hotter. Joe finally convinced me to turn the A/C on. We haven’t used it much this year but it looks like it will be running for the next several days. Of course, these hot, humid days have a tendency to stir up thunderstorms so this is once again going to be a wet weekend.

Last Friday I posted a scrapbook page about the boys sword fighting – with foam swords of course – so I thought I’d post the opposite page this Friday.

Even though the pages are not a two-page layout, when I know pages are going to be opposite each other in the album I like to have them co-ordinate a bit – it’s likely a Virgo thing – we like everything to match! So the paper is from the same paper pack and cut and put together in the same manner. The top photo is me with the then four grandkids, the next two, me with a couple of them and then the last photo is my niece Paula who was sitting with a couple of the kids and we plunked the others down for a photo. As you can see my two oldest grandsons had lost interest in the photo as we gathered up the others. Paula had a 2 year old son when she gave birth to triplets – another son and identical twin girls – and they had come for my daughter’s baby shower (I think the triplets were almost 3 here). By the way, the triplets were a natural occurrence, no medical help at all getting pregnant. We have several sets of twins in both sides of our family (including my brother and sister and first cousins) and I found one set of triplets recorded from about 150 years ago.

The layout is pretty simple with one large photo top and bottom but off-set a bit with a computer generated journal tag in each corner with two cropped photos in the centre. I added some embellishments and the large black foam bracket and foam letters and it was done.
 Here are the two pages as they will appear in the album.

That’s all for a hot Friday, July-17-15

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jinxxxygirl said...

Beautiful pages Violet. I really like your style of scrapbooking... No over the top embellishments that just make the pricetag go thru the roof. But what you do , do makes them special.... definitely the style i'm looking for... Stay cool... We've had the air on for the last week nonstop... i hate doing that as i like my windows open but its just too hot and humid... unfortunately its not generating any rain or afternoon storms... we could use it.. Its been at least 2 weeks without any rain.. Hugs! deb

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