Friday, October 30, 2015

Seth's Card

I’m having a “blah” day today….not sick…..not in pain….just feeling blah. So I’ve spent most of the day in my sewing room sewing various colours and lengths of 2” wide fabric into rows, which will then be sewn together for another scrap quilt. I didn’t feel like doing anything that required a lot of thinking today so this fit the bill just fine. The strange thing is Joe said he felt rather blah this morning too but he overcame his enough to go out and rake up some leaves. I was only outside long enough to plant a couple of lily bulbs and a mum plant my sister dropped off this morning. Hope they grow, especially the lilies, love lilies.

Today’s card is the last Halloween card. This one was for Seth who is 8.
I had this large piece of water colour paper that had some ink on it sitting on the desk and I decided it would be just fine for a Halloween card. I added more Distress inks, did some splattering of water on it to get those nice blooms – which is one of the best things about Distress inks. First I cut the strip into four pieces, all different widths. Then I pulled out my Halloween stamps and stamped each panel. The bones did not know up as white bones because of the colour of the panel so I used some white paint and painted them in. My home-made splatter stamp was used again to get those small black marks. The card base is orange cardstock and before I glued down the panels I stamped a border of gravestones along the bottom. Once the panels were glued down it needed something across the top so I took a piece of black cardstock and ran it through a wood grain embossing folder; cut the edge with decorative scissors and then ran a white ink pad over the top to hi-lite the embossed areas.

This is the inside of his card:


I made the inside of Seth’s very much like the one I made for his brother’s card I posted yesterday but I added an iron-on fabric sparkly spider on Seth’s. They loved them. I had made all three boys Halloween bookmarks too but I forgot to photograph them before I mailed them off. They are all veracious readers so I like to keep them supplied with bookmarks.

That’s all for a cool windy Friday, October-30-15




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jinxxxygirl said...

Well Violet... Seth is going to love that card! Love the bookmark idea.... Rainy days are blah days for me. Theres nothing i like better than to just curl up under a blanket with a good book on a rainy day.. maybe take a snooze... Some days are just blah days.. i say just roll with it. :) Hugs! deb

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