Monday, November 30, 2015

A Special Card for a Special Friend

This was such a busy day I almost forgot to post my card. First a catch up - Saturday morning I went to help teach kids how to quilt – collaboration between the Kiwanis Club and the library who then asked the quilt guild to do the teaching….of course, we said yes. We have 10 kids, 9 girls and one boy. We all have a good time and I think its important to give back so I volunteer whenever I can.

I was surprised on Sunday morning while getting ready for church to hear a car door slam and something hitting the front porch. By the time I got to the door there was no car in the driveway so I figured someone must be at the neighbours but I opened the door anyway……. and there was a large box from Chapters/Indigo. I had no idea that the delivery people delivered on Sunday. Glad we hadn’t left yet. My grandchildren just want Lego and books for Christmas so ordering on-line was easier.

The temperatures have been just around the freezing mark since Friday night but we put on our heavy coats this morning and went for an hour’s walk. This afternoon I cleaned the bathrooms and then went back to my quilting. After supper I was finishing up some cards and then watched the Toronto Maple Leafs beat Edmonton. When the game ended, it finally dawned on me that I hadn’t posted my card.

A quilting friend just got some very bad health news and I wanted a special card for her. This is what I made. Ignore the light splotch on the top left corner – its just a reflection.

To create this card you must use good quality glossy cardstock. Stamp the images (Stampin’ Up – Serene Silhouettes and the sentiment is a ?) you want ghosted with Resist Ink. Once it is dry (takes just a few minutes but I like to zap it with a heat tool to be extra sure) ink up a brayer with ink from a multi ink pad – I used Rangers Big and Juicy – which I like except it does not have dividers like some makes so the ink runs together. There is no pink ink left at all. Run the brayer over the card – I like to go back and forth and up and down – everyone has their own technique. Just keep braying until you like it. Then take a clean cloth and gently rub over the images in case some ink is lying on top. Once it was cut to size I ran a dauber with blue ink along the edges – I hate white edges. Then I glued it to the light teal colour and wrapped some glitter thread around it. The card base was made with the darker teal with the fold at the top and the bottom of it was embossed with a Spellbinder’s curved border die…sorry my name is covering it….it does look pretty though. Once it was finished I decided it needed some sequins so I added 5….I pretty much always do an uneven number of embellishments.

That’s all for a late post on a Monday, November-30-15





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jinxxxygirl said...

Very pretty card Violet. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure she will love the card and the thoughts that go with it.

Its been cold here and cloudy and rainy but we went for a walk yesterday too. Didn't realize it was misty raining when we ventured out but oh well we just kept going... Sometimes you just gotta get out you know...

I'm putting some cards together too , using the owl picture i sketched. I think they will come out cute. I wish i had more of my supplies available so i could embellish it more but a simple card will have to do. Stay warm! Hugs! deb

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