Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Water Coloured Christmas Card

Cooler days are here to stay apparently. Temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark…0C, 32F…with rain expected later in the week. Joe decided to get out of the house today for the first time since being sick, other than one car ride last week, to try out his stamina. So we did several errands, got groceries, lunch out, went to Walmart and got some pictures printed….10¢ for each 4x6 print…but you have to go into the store and use their machines and wait for an hour to get them. No big deal for us. We went and had lunch and then went to Michaels with two 50% off one item coupons. I got a bundle of quilt batting and Joe got a package of 5 blades for my rotary cutter…..he rolls his eyes every time I ask him to use a coupon for me but being the great hubby he is, he does it. I also picked up a stamp set that I’ve been eyeing….they were all 50% off today but I only got the one set. Then back to Walmart to get the cards and finally home! He did fine so he's a little less worried about relapsing now.

Today’s card is another one of the hand painted backgrounds that I did.

This time I ripped a piece of copy paper and held it on an angle while I splashed water colour paint on the rest of the card – water colour paper was used. Once it was try I used some blue water colour paint to paint in some snow drifts. Then I splattered thinned down white acrylic paint over it to create the snowflakes.

The trees were stamped in purple ink, three times without re-inking. After the first tree was inked I placed some scrap paper on the horizon line to make that tree shorter, and the next one even shorter. Then I  spread some of the water colour paint under the trees to form the ground. The snowflake was die cut from left over water coloured paper with a Spellbinder’s die and a gem added in the centre. The sentiment was stamped with the same purple ink as the trees. Before gluing the card to the card base, I wrapped some sparkly purple thread around the card. I needed a little something else so I added the gem where the threads crossed. Love how different each of these cards turn out.

That’s all for a cool Tuesday,





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